Sunday, February 06, 2011

Opportunity Awaits

A week or so ago, I had dinner at my favorite Chinese restaurant with some friends.  I opened my fortune cookie and read, "Opportunity awaits you next Monday."  As far as I knew, nothing much was going to happen the next Monday and it didn't.  But, I set the slip of paper on my desk and left it there.

Tomorrow I begin my second semester of seminary and to say that I am terrified is to completely understate the sensations occurring in my body.  I have chosen to pick up some very intense courses this semester, so much so that my academic adviser asked me twice whether or not I wanted to do this.  I assured him that I was confident I could handle it, but the further I got from his comment and the closer I get to the semester beginning, the more I am completely unsure if this is a good idea.

Tonight, instead of watching the Super Bowl, I will be looking over Greek notes, exploring the Hebrew alphabet and generally acting like a crazy person.  (I will, however watch the ads.)

Now, believe me. I don't put any stock at all in fortune cookie fortunes, but I moved some things around and found that little slip of paper and I thought - "It wasn't last Monday, it was tomorrow this little piece of paper is talking about."

I've been completely wrong in the way I approached this coming semester.  I've been scared out of my mind, rather than seeing it as the opportunity that it is.  Oh, I looked forward to the learning, but I have been so afraid that I couldn't handle it, I missed the opportunity of anticipating.  I focused on the things I did wrong last semester rather than recognize that I did well in all my classes, met some wonderful people and began an educational process that thrills me.

So, I've emptied out my bookshelves in preparation for the books that will fill them throughout this next week. 

There is nothing I enjoy more than learning.  Absolutely nothing.  Hmmm, let me just think about that again and make sure.  Nope ... nothing.  Why in the world am I terrified of the process that leads me to learning?

A little slip of paper.  No, I don't believe in fortunes, but I do believe that God uses every piece of our world to remind us of how much He cares and how much He pays attention to us. I'm going to look forward to this process and do my best to enjoy every moment of it - even when it nearly kills me.  

I know that the semester is going to be really tough.  I've chosen to attack some difficult courses all at the same time.  But, when May arrives and I find myself at the end of the process, I'll breathe a huge sigh and start looking forward to the next part of the adventure.

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Fran said...

Now that is the Diane that I know...relishing in the anticipation and excitement in the future!
You rock girl! Yes, this semester will be difficult, but you are so up for the challenge. I love you and am so proud of you.