Tuesday, August 28, 2007

When It's Time To Pray

We had a discussion in our Staff gathering this afternoon about prayer. My goodness, but we don't do this enough. Ever. (pray, not discuss prayer). How desperate we are for the prayers of our friends and those that love us. I would much rather know that my friends are interceding in prayer for me than receive gifts from them. Prayer is the greatest gift we can offer.

Real, intercessory prayer. I think we spend too much time trying to justify a lousy prayer life by saying that we send up short prayers - we are too busy, so at least we're praying. NO! We just can't be too busy for this. It's much too important. Lives and souls are counting on me ... on you.

This afternoon I was compelled to pray. That doesn't happen very often and it doesn't happen very often that I know who I'm to pray for. When I was much younger, I had moved far away from home. I was alone in a town where I knew no one except the senior pastor of the church where I worked. This was long before the internet. My only connection to my family was the telephone and letters. One night, in the middle of the night, I was awakened from a dead sleep. I heard my mom yelling my name! It was much too late to call her - she'd have had my head. So, I did the next best thing. I got out of bed and went to the living room so that I would remain awake. And I prayed. I prayed a long time that night. Finally I went back to bed - but, as early as I knew was safe, I called home.

Everything was fine. There was nothing amiss. But, that didn't upset me. I knew that it hadn't been a dream. I knew that I had been called to pray. So, I did.

I don't listen to those promptings often enough. And sometimes I totally ignore God when He is telling me to pray for someone. Why in the world am I being selfish with prayer? That's totally self-centered of me.

Dad and I talked a lot on the telephone during the years that I was away from home. When he knew that something was bothering me or I was struggling with something, he was never afraid to just pray out loud for me on the telephone. Oh, I was a little uncomfortable w/ith it the first time. But, I learned to treasure those moments with him and with God.

I want to be that kind of pray-er. It's hard for me. I don't want to embarrass the person I'm with. I don't want to embarrass people that might be wandering around in the area where I am. What? Guys ... I work in a church!! Where prayer should be a natural outpouring of everything that we do.

When someone comes to you with a concern or a worry ... do you do what I do? As I listen to them, I might pray quietly, but I'm pretty ready with the advice. I'll talk through and encourage others to talk through their problems. I know that is healthy. I know that sometimes people just need to be heard. I'm pretty good at that. I love connecting with my friends on that level. But ... ahhh ... that's where I stop. Why in the world am I afraid to just say, "let me pray with you about this."? I am depriving us of that deeper connection, of the link that can happen when God enters into the conversation. I am depriving us of the reality of seeing His will in whatever is happening.

Prayer is the conversation place between us and our Creator. He says "where two or three are gathered, there I am." You know, I'm pretty polite. I don't ignore people who are in a room with me or in a small group with me. But, I find it quite easy to ignore the One who brought us together. He's right there ... in the room ... I think it's time to have that conversation with Him!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Nothing to Say

See ... this is what I mean. I've been sitting here thinking and thinking ... thinking about my day ... thinking about my evening with Max and NOTHING! I should have the exciting life everyone thinks I have. Really ... not so much!

What happened today?

I crawled out of bed and was promptly annoyed because it was about 1/2 hour too early. That meant that I had to immediately go to the bathroom, and there wasn't enough time to crawl back into bed. ...whine.

Today was newsletter day in my world. It is a huge pain in my backside to put that thing together. It's like this massive puzzle. None of the pieces actually match, I have to adjust them all to get them to fit together. Then, when I do finally get pieces together, I realize that I have one more article that needs to go in there ... or ... someone comes up with something at the last minute that absolutely HAS to be in this issue. If it's not there, the world might certainly end. And I'm always on a weird deadline because at 2:30 someone comes in to proofread the newsletter. I generally am ready for her, but not without skipping lunch and focusing on my computer for the previous 5 hours.

I'm awfully glad that the ministry directors don't come in to work on Mondays. I get so much work done when they aren't around. The newsletter is the most intense task I have, so I'm glad that it happens on Mondays when they're gone. Anyway ...

After I finished that project, I prepared a handout for Holly for the Small Group Leadership Seminar this evening. When I finished pulling that together, I made the copies for her and began assembling a Soul Seekers postcard that will go in the mail tomorrow. Printed the labels and the postcards and began jamming the labels on this afternoon.

I spent a little bit of time working on a process for reporting and measuring key metrics for the church. I'll spend more time on that tomorrow with Edna. We'll get the plan put together this week, present it to Dr. Delp and then proceed with the plan. I like thinking about those things. Forcing the left side of my brain to actaully process on linear issues. Pretty cool.

Two women from UMW stopped in to see me this morning. They had their executive board meeting today and were doing some planning to increase membership and some other cool things that group does. The president of UMW wanted to see if we could get a nice insert for the bulletin next Sunday. I was a little startled when she said she had been told that I might not 'allow' her to put an insert in the bulletin. Yikes! I've never made that type of decision. Nor have I ever insinuated that there would be a problem with doing that kind of advertising. I assured her that not only would we print the insert, but I would spend some time making it look really nice.

We have interesting reactions to the newsletter at this church. A year or so ago, they decided that they would simply go ahead and drop everyone off the mailing list if there was a legitimate email address. What we discovered this summer was that many people were not getting the newsletter and had no idea what was going on. Though they have email, they very likely don't take the time to read the newsletter online. When a piece of paper comes into the house, it is more likely to sit around and be read for a longer period of time. Bulk mailing for a non-profit organization is 11 cents per piece. That's some of the most inexpensive advertising out there. However, now I have people complaining about the fact that we are wasting paper (1.8 cents per 11 x 17 piece) and postage (11.3 cents per piece mailed). It occurs to me that 20 cents per newsletter (at the highest cost) is a very inexpensive way to reach out to our congregation. [off the soapbox, Diane]

Back to my day ... Max picked me up at 6:15 and we came home. I had leftover Lo Sole Mio's Pasta a la LoSole (Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken, artichoke hearts and mushrooms). Yummy! We talked for awhile about stupid stuff (oh, I'm sure you can imagine) and settled in to watch some pre-season football.

I'm a little tired of all of the conversation about Michael Vick. I'll give them today - he had his press conference today and the Falcons are playing a preseason game tonight. I'm just saying ... I'm tired of it. While he was watching that, I was reading and knitting again. I have a lot of things I'd like to finish up this year for Christmas gifts. There's a lot of yarn in this house and I do not feel like I can go buy more until I use up some of what I have. It's a LOT of yarn. I can't even express to you how much there is around here. Bad, bad Diane.

About 8:30, Max was sinking further and further into the sofa. I sent him up to bed. But, I hear that he has weird things playing on his computer. As for me, it's 9:00 and I'm about to crash on the couch.

So ... I had nothing to say - but, there's my life!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Slowly I think ... step by step

Last night I ended up staying awake until 3:30 am. Reading Star Wars!!! I couldn't stop until everyone had been rescued, or killed (Grand Admiral Thrawn of the Empire) and put back in their proper places. Han Solo and Leia are married and she just gave birth to twins in this story - Jacen and Jaina. Ahhh ... the force is strong with them. I'm sorry ... it's just that I do love the plot lines available in that universe and some of the story tellers are just so good at what they do!

So, I slept in this morning ... missed church. It was alright - I don't feel too much like a heathen. And what little bit I do - well, I'll get over it.

I checked my Outlook at work though and saw on my calendar that I had a 3 hour rehearsal for Canticum Novum this afternoon. Whoops! That hadn't been on my radar all weekend. I really hadn't forgotten about it - just wasn't thinking about it. And THAT's why I have calendars and reminders all over the place. To rescue me from myself.

It was a terrific rehearsal. This group makes some really awesome music together. For me, it's a chance to play in the classical style again - things I actually have to practice a little bit to be able to perform. I accompany the group and Matt Hill directs it - he rocks as a director. Expects a lot from his singers and generally gets what he's asking from them!

However, because I had planned my day so badly, I didn't get a nap. I'm about to do that (which pretty much ensures I'll be up late again tonight). Max is out for dinner with Leonard and my eyes are drooping. It will be quiet for at least an hour. Bye bye!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The joy of a Saturday

Today has been a pretty terrific day. I doubt that anyone else would like this day, but it's my favorite stuff. I've been reading Star Wars novels and knitting today. I completely shut my mind down from anything related to work. And it's been fabulous!

Max picked up takeout from Lo Sole Mio tonight so that I wouldn't have to get dressed up - I could just hang out in my lounging clothes. I don't know that life could get much better than this!

This week has been a bit grueling. We really are working hard to get things kicked off at church and it seems that the harder we all work, the more there is to do. That tends to create a rather frightening circular pattern. Yesterday, Julie popped into my office with "Sonic Run!" I had no idea what she meant. OH! She was heading to Sonic and did we all want something to drink. Well, I've never done that! I had no idea what to order. Everyone talks about their Limeades, so it seemed the thing to try. A strawberry Limeade. Whoa, honeypot - that was good! And what a great way to end a week.

Julie also tapped me a little bit yesterday about my bad blogging skills lately. She's right. It's hard to keep this up! I get home in the evening and I'm pooped - my brain is in desperate need of being turned off. Some days I don't have a creative thought left, much less something that might be a bit spiritually profound. And I don't feel like I should blog my insanity! (hehe)

Other times, I feel just plain boring. If I were to blog the crazy conversations that Max and I have, you would simply shake your head at us. Today we had a weird conversation about Ayn Rand's book "Atlas Shrugged". I've got this on an audio book and want to listen to it - I've never read it and am pretty sure that if I were to try to read it, my eyes would soon wear out and I'd fall asleep. He read it many years ago and was describing some of the plot to me. I'm still curious as to who John Galt is and why Omaha has a street named after him. The only John Galt we know about is in that book. Oh well ...

We never discuss the normal news that's out there, we always come up with a piece of something very, very odd and before you know it - we're both tearing through the internet off on some chase for a bit of strange and odd information.

Oh, Max told me today that he was cited on Wikipedia. It was something that he had said about photography, but he certainly didn't feel like he was a source to be cited. It cracked him up!

While I was reading Star Wars this evening, Max was watching "Snakes on a Plane". Hehe ... I hate those shows, so I was sitting at my desk with my back to the television while he was howling with laughter! Every time a snake leaped out or bit someone or did something hideous, he cracked up. That's definitely the way to watch scary movies - with someone who recognizes the 'camp' in them. You have to watch "
Killer Klowns from Outer Space" with Max sometime. The movie is just plain awful, I mean it's really awful! The best line in it, though is: "There ARE clowns, and they ARE killing people." Max loves terrible movies. Movies that are made terrible on purpose annoy him, but those movies that were made with the best intentions, but end up being awful completely entertain him. "Robot Monster" (1953) is one of the first movies he introduced me to in his ongoing quest to enlighten me. Oh my goodness, but it's terrible. A robot is sent to earth in advance of an impending invasion. Now ... there was no money spent on this thing, so the costume that they gave this poor actor was a gorilla suit for the body of the monster and an ancient underwater diving helmet for the head. Supposedly, he has killed all but 6 people on earth, and then ends up falling for one of the females. Good heavens, it's just awful. But, it is hilarious.

...welcome to my world.

It's nearly 10:30. I've finished 2 of the 3 books in this Star Wars trilogy and the anticipation is killing me. I'm knitting a blanket. I have a long ways to go on it. No, I don't intend to finish it this weekend, but I'm certainly going to get as much done as possible! Max has gone upstairs, the dog is firmly ensconced in a blanket beside me and I'm heading back to the book! Have a good night!

Oh .. in my last post, I mentioned that I was arrogant about the authors I read? Well, Timothy Zahn is a classic in the Sci Fi literary world (if you can call it that). I read his stuff as often as possible. (hehe) Maybe I'm not as selective as I'd like to think I am!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Words on a Page

It's been a good weekend. Actually, it's gone by a bit too quickly and I would love to have another day off, but what the heck ... if I never had to go back to work, I wouldn't appreciate the weekend, would I? Even when I wasn't working last fall, I looked forward to the weekend, because Max would be off work and he and I would be able to hang out. So ... no complaining from me, right?

Several years ago, I purchased the entire CS Lewis "Chronicles of Narnia" radio dramatizations by Focus on the Family. Max burned them to our hard drive and that meant I could easily share them with a friend and her kids - so, I did. Life is good. But, this weekend I decided it would be fun to listen to them again. Oh, they're awesome! I like listening to audiobooks at home because I can be wandering around the house, or around the internet, or knitting or any number of things while I listen to the book.

I've discovered a bad habit. When I read, I tend to fall asleep. I know a lot of you have commented on having the same habit. Doggone it! I love to read! When I'm reading non-fiction, or studying, I'm usually sitting at my desk with a notepad in hand, so I don't sleep much at my desk. A few weeks ago, when the last Harry Potter book came out, I forced myself to sit at my desk so I wouldn't drift off - I wanted desperately to finish it ... and I did. Ahhhhhhhhh ... the satisfaction.

Hmmm ... that was a couple of paragraphs only to say that I have really been enjoying listening to The Chronicles of Narnia. If you have never read (or listened to) these books, you are missing an amazing allegory of the Christian Life. CS Lewis is nothing less than amazing. As I was talking to God this evening, I was wondering out loud with Him if He just really enjoyed having CS Lewis up in heaven right now. That man's mind is stunning! His insight into how God talks with His children and how terrible we act as Christians is incredible! It is all right there in these simple children's books.

In "Prince Caspian", the 4 children (Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy) are pulled back to Narnia because they are needed to help return the world to right. Aslan shows up and Lucy sees him, but the others don't. They are so wrapped up in what they think they ought to be doing, they completely miss Aslan speaking to them! She finally gets them to do the right thing, but not without a lot of junk going on. And when they become humble about their roles and open themselves up to the possibility of Aslan actually being there, they finally begin to see him - and the joy of that is overwhelming! Lewis picks up on every human foible and makes them so clear to us in his stories.

As a matter of fact, I do believe that the books beyond "The Lion, the With and the Wardrobe" are actually much better books. We are only exposed to the one on a regular basis, but the others just keep getting better and better.

Max and I were talking about children's books today - he had read that researchers are quite disappointed that the Harry Potter series hasn't encouraged deeper reading - beyond those books. That's too bad. But, we seem to have forgotten about amazing children's stories.

On the way home from church today, we were talking about the Tarzan series. Max didn't recall that I enjoyed those books. But, I do! They're fabulous! Burroughs had an amazing talent for getting his reader to spend time in the world he was describing. As Tarzan was racing through the jungle, I was there with him, my heart racing as he was chasing down evil men intent on destroying the jungle. In the "Little House on the Prairie" series, I spent months living with Laura Ingalls Wilder and her family. I saw what each home looked like and I became a part of the landscape of her stories.

The books that I continue to love are the ones that take me into a world and leave me wanting more of that world when I finish. As a child, I was transported every time I opened a book. When I discovered science fiction and fantasy I discovered authors that were creating entirely new ideas and new places for me to spend time. My mind was opened to new thoughts and tolerance for people that were different. Science fiction writers were able to write commentary on issues and policies happening today in a way that made us think.

I don't read as much fiction now as I used to. I don't have time. When I sit down to read, I generally have a task ahead of me and I have to get something read and I need to learn something from it. I also haven't found writers lately that transport me into their world quickly and easily. When I find one, I consume the books they've written and then I stop reading again.

I confess to being a bit arrogant about the authors I read. I'm pretty selective. Books are still inexpensive enough for me to toss out if I'm not attracted to them. I don't have time to waste on a badly written book. And let me tell you, there are a lot of badly written books out there right now. Science Fiction is one of the worst places for them. So, I find myself drawn back to the classics. I'll read them over and over again. They still take me away from the present and they entertain me until I turn the final page.

I do love to read.

Friday, August 17, 2007

The teacher in me

This afternoon, Max and I went up to Western Hills Elementary to spend some time checking out my sister Carol's new classroom. She's having a lot of fun pulling things together and has been working incredibly hard getting things cleaned up. She had to empty all of the cupboards and get things reorganized for her own sanity. Piles of 'stuff' everywhere is difficult to deal with. She's got color up on the bulletin boards and has begun decorating in 'theme': "At the Movies". There are a lot of bare walls in there - it's time for me to get creative with some fun movie posters and stuff for her and her kids.

Carol is teaching 6th grade. Her partner teacher is a 30 year veteran that seems to be amazing. Carol's grateful for that. She's completely and totally overwhelmed right now. As I looked through the content standards and the teaching requirements, etc., etc., etc., so was I! How in the world is she ever supposed to teach all of this stuff ... well! I'm sure she'll get through it, but yikes!

I've been designing posters and charts and nameplates (for the desks), activity sheets, and other pieces that she wants to have so that things look good. I sat at her desk this afternoon and began looking through the social studies book. I got excited! This is my kind of stuff! So, the plan (in my head) is to start finding supplemental activities for her with regards to the lessons she is teaching. It's great! I can't wait.

I don't think that I've been in an elementary classroom since I was in elementary school. Goodness, but that's been ... well ... many years ago. I left 6th grade in 1971. I know that Western Hills is not a brand new school, but I do have to say that it all looked just the same. The coolest thing? Some of the parts of the classroom were demystified for me. I saw these weird cupboards under the front blackboards and I remembered them from my childhood. I always wondered what was in them, but no one ever opened them for me and I never had the courage to do it myself. I opened them. Nothing terribly exciting, but it was cool to make the connection in my mind.

Silly little things like that. It's fun to be back in an elementary school as an adult. It all makes so much more sense now! We just accepted things as they were. We went where we were told to go, did what we were told to do and did very little over-the-top exploration. It's fun to actually look up and see all of the strange things that are so very normal.

As we sat at dinner tonight, I began thinking and talking about some experiences that I had in elementary school. I had a couple of teachers that taught me how to teach. Because I was a fast learner (I learned the way that curriculum was taught) and an incredibly fast reader, I was always at the top of the class. (I promise, I'm not being arrogant ... it was a bit difficult to live that way). But, when I was bored, I was allowed to help the slower kids read. I sat with them while they processed on the pages in front of them. I helped them learn how to comprehend what they were reading. My personality was very gentle back then and the teacher knew I would never hold it over anyone ... so, she allowed me to help her (remember, this was the 60s in small-town Iowa). I was terribly honored and didn't want to screw it up, so I worked hard at doing whatever she asked me to do.

That's where I learned to love teaching! I'm so glad that Carol also loves teaching. I hope to have plenty of time to spend in her classroom helping her out. As she described the kids in her class, I recognize that she is going to need a lot of assistance. She'll do it very well ... all on her own, and with the help of the staff around her, but anything I can give her will only encourage those kids. She has a hearing impaired child, 2 autistic children, 2 kids that are very low on the learning scale. On top of that, she has 4 children that barely speak English. There are a couple of teachers that assist her during the day working with these children individually, but still!!! 9 kids out of 23 that require a lot of extra effort.

One of the coolest things for her is that she did her Student Teaching at Western Hills last year ... in 5th grade. She knows these kids already. She's experienced some of their 'stuff' and was successful in her student teaching. I'm looking forward to this year for her.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Thoughts ... and a Birthday

Well, Max and I finally took the Strengths Finder test online. Now, I have to figure everything out by reading the book. HOWEVER! They tell you your 5 top themes. I'm now a little bit afraid. Out of 33 themes listed we share 4 of them. Ok, I'm actually either a little bit afraid because we are so similar, or this absolutely assures me that we were meant to be together. No wonder we are so comfortable. And the 1 other theme that we differ on, is what makes it fun.

There wasn't much surprising for us ... at least not for me. My strengths lie in learning and in how I relate to people. Max's lie in learning - his dependency on history is what fascinates me.

That's enough of that. At least until I have more time to figure out what I'm going to do with that bit of information.

Tomorrow is Matthew's birthday. He'll be 18. Matt was the first born in our family. I remember the night he was born. Jim and Janet lived in Denver. Jim called me about 10:00 pm to tell me that they were heading to the hospital. I fell asleep and woke up to the telephone ringing after 2:00 am. Matthew had been born. There was a little stress because of a staff infection, but our boy was here!

I cried.

And those tears made my brother awfully happy. Mom had died 2 1/2 years prior and his words to me were "I knew you'd cry. Mom would have cried, so I had to call to hear you cry." Yup ... I cried.

For my 30th birthday, I drove to Denver and spent a nice long weekend holding a brand new baby. I loved every minute of it! To know me is to know that statement is insane. I'm so NOT a baby person. I avoid holding babies. My good friends know enough to not force their babies on me. About the time the child turns 3, I start having a really good time. But, with Matthew, it was really different. I looked into that tiny little face and realized that I was seeing everyone that I loved. He was absolutely beautiful. I changed a few diapers (not something I'm terribly familiar with), snuggled with him, played with him (oh, the poor boy has weird baby pictures because his father and mother and I posed him - it was fun!).

I smile this evening when I think of Matthew. He has turned into an amazing young man. Amazing! He's exciting to talk to. He's sensitive to people around him. He's intelligent. He's got amazing spiritual depth. He has NEVER gone through the adolescent stage of being embarrassed by physical affection from his aunts. He craves that attention (so do his siblings - it's a fun family!).

Happy Birthday Matthew ... I love you, I love you, I love you!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

How Big Is Your God?

How much do you limit God? No really ... what are your limits on what God can do? No ... really ... keep thinking about that. What can your God do and how do you limit His power?

I was watching an episode of "Eureka" (goodness, but I love this show). One of the main characters created a robot and it had life. As his 'son' died, he asked the character (Stark) whether or not Turing was right when he said that God could grant a computer a soul if He wished to.

Alan Turing is the father of modern computing and this statement came about from a discussion called the Turing Test. Turing believed that you could put a man and a computer in separate rooms, type questions to them and given the right circumstances (the computer is advanced enough), a person would not be able to tell the difference between them. There were many objections, but one was a theological objection. That objection stated that thinking is a function of man's soul and therefore a machine could not think.

The question is not whether or not God WOULD give a computer a soul, but COULD He?

Because I believe in a God big enough to create or change anything. As to the question of whether or not God WOULD give a computer a soul, I think that is something that will be dealt with in the future and not today. I think it will be an interesting exercise in our belief structure when we start dealing with computers / robots, etc. that interact with humanity.

There used to be a question about whether or not animals would be in heaven. Do they have souls? Wow ... it's kind of exciting to be part of a world where the Creator allows these questions to be asked!

Life in the Fast Lane

The fast lane isn't happening so much for me this weekend. It's glorious!

Have you missed me, though? I feel a little guilty for not blogging this week. It's been a wild one. The entire staff was at Brookside Church for the Leadership Summit beginning on Thursday. Now for me, that meant that Monday - Wednesday I was jammin' while trying to get everything finished. My poor brain was so exhausted at the end of every day, it was all I could do to be a vegetable in the evening.

The Leadership Summit was something! We heard some amazing speakers and though I have to say that I didn't learn anything extraordinarily new, I was fully inspired. I hope that everyone gets a chance to experience this summit in years to come. Make the effort, it's always worth it. I heard an interview with Colin Powell. That man is a leader. Oh, I know ... that's an obvious statement, but wow. You listen to him speak and realize that there is a powerful personality there.

Saturday morning I listened as Bill Hybels from Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago (Willow Creek Association hosts this Summit) interviewed Jimmy Carter. People were asking me if I liked Carter. Let me tell you why I do. My father did. A lot. Not necessarily as a politician, but as a man. As I watched the interview unfold, I remembered the conversations that I had with Dad about Carter. Dad felt that he had never received the respect that he deserved for the brilliant man that he was. Do you know that he was a nuclear physicist?

Carter is a man of peace ... above all things ... peace. I grew up with a father who believed in peace ... above all things. Carter's peace treaty between Israel and Egypt changed the face of mideast policies.

So, yesterday as the interview finished, I began to weep. A lot. I wanted to do nothing other than call Dad and tell him about this amazing interview and to discuss what I had heard with him. My poor husband had to listen to me and discuss it all with me. He's a good man.

Jen had to miss the last half of the Summit and YEA! I was able to take Max with me. He got to hear Colin Powell and Jimmy Carter - as well as the other speakers on Friday and Saturday. It was fun to be able to share that with him.

It's a hard life sitting for 8 hours a day listening to speakers, though. My butt was killing me at the end of each day. The seats were very comfortable, but after 8 hours, I was exhausted. I took my knitting with me so that I would keep my hands busy during the sessions. For that I was thankful it was a simulcast and not a live event. I couldn't be that rude to a speaker. But, I did get 4 dishrags knitted over the weekend. Love those things!

I got home yesterday afternoon and crashed. I was certainly glad for a nap! But, then, last night I stayed up until 2 am. Carol and I were emailing back and forth as I was creating lots of forms, posters, postcards and paper for her classroom. She figured that the other teachers would see her as an overachiever. She's just glad to have me helping. And I'm so glad to be doing this for her! It's great fun for me. I want her to have the coolest classroom around. Give her the chance to be an inspiring movement in the lives of her kids. She can do it - but everything I can do to help ... is fun for me!

Fortunately, I was able to sleep in this morning. Whew ... needed it!

I found this great site - tons of television shows to watch. I've been watching the Sci Fi channel's "Eureka". It's amazing. Hilarious and tons of fun stuff involving brilliant people. Gotta love it. Geeks on television. They make me happy. On an earlier episode, I saw the desk I want. The computer is in the desktop. Oh my ... remember TRON? Loved that desk.

Ok ... have I caught up on my life yet? Probably not - there are always a million things going on in my life. It's pretty exciting and pretty cool. And just a reminder. In all things ... God is good.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Late night thoughts

It's nearly 2:30 am and I'm up. I hate these nights, but seem to have them regularly. I fell asleep tonight about 10:30 for 3 hours and woke up. I was hot. Last night the fan that keeps air moving around me was making too much noise and I turned it off. I thought I had turned it back on this evening and it was very quiet! Ummm ... no. It was off. I pressed the wrong stupid button. So as I tried to relax and go back to sleep, the rattling in the fan began again and I wasn't cooling down fast enough and I think I had too much caffeine before I went to sleep.

Then, my brain began processing on things from the day, I tried to get them handled and voila! I'm wide awake. I have a lot of work to do tomorrow morning for several projects and that stresses me out. Pretty soon I'll let the dog outside for a middle of the night run. That will give me a little peace later on when I'm back to sleep in the early hours of the morning. Then when she is settle again tonight, I'll flip lights on, pull out my Bible and read through one of the minor prophets.

The other night I read through the book of Joel ... twice. I love these books. There's so much fascinating information in them. God has cool things to say to His people! The book of Joel has a large passage that focuses on the "Day of the Lord". On that day ... great and wonderful things will happen. I can't wait. No, I'm not going to tell you about it here - go read it!

An article from Christianity Today caught my eye today "We Revere the Bible More than We Read It". I fully admit to reading books about the Bible rather than actually just reading it. I know that I have read every word in the Bible throughout my life, but I don't have a consistency with regards to the attention that I give to it. I tend to study it for classes that I'm taking, studies that I'm writing, etc. but to read it devotionally puts me at the point of justifying a lack of time.

What's my problem? I have no idea. I do know that the Word of God is exactly that. The Bible is a collection of the Words of God that He has chosen to make known to all of mankind. It's amazing in that it's a unifying source among Christians all over the world, from all walks of life. We all read exactly the same book. We may interpret it differently, but the words are the same. These are the words that God chose to use to make Himself known to us. This is our exposure to the very heart of God.

When the Creator of the Universe says something, it occurs to me I should pay attention. The incredible thing about this book is that no matter how many times we read it, our lives interact with those Words differently each time. That tells me that this Book is a living thing. How could it not be. These Words come from the breath of God. He is still creating today.

Well, it's time to let the girl out - she just woke up and is stretching. I think she figured out that I was no longer there. When we come back in, I think I'll take some time to see what God would like to create in me tonight!