Friday, November 30, 2007

Another week ... bye bye!

I was glad to reach 5:30 this evening. I haven't done nearly enough this week, but I seemed to be busy all of the time. Oh well, sigh ...

Max and I met Fran and Leonard for dinner at Mama's. I do love that pizza. Oh, and the onion rings are pretty fantastic, too. It was just nice to sit, relax and chat. The only bad thing about it is that they have televisions all over the walls and with a lack of good sports, CNN was on and I was totally distracted by the headlines. Ok, the headline. And honestly ... I don't really even care about it! I hate that I'm so easily distracted by media.

Max spent the day with his friend, Dave. They played the Wii and then went wandering around stores like CostCo, Nebraska Furniture Mart ... oh, and yes, the newly renovated Rockbrook Center. WHAT? Max? Are you kidding me? My husband spent nearly 4 hours wandering around stores with no firm purpose, other than to be looking. Just looking! This is enough to blow a poor wife's mind. I never know what he's going to come up with next to mess with me. But, I wasn't expecting that!

So ... what is tomorrow going to bring. I either have a dress rehearsal at noon for a Christmas concert on Sunday night, or I'm going to be hiding in my house because of too much ice on the roads. Oh yea! If you would like to hear some good Christmas music, Canticum Novum is having it's Christmas Concert at 7:00 pm Sunday at First Presbyterian Church (34th & Farnam). I'd love to see you there!

Oh dear, I'm having a lot of random thoughts - and I'm afraid to post them all in this blog - you'll think I'm nuts! Oh well ... I am.

One of my favorite sites is Here are some random things from that site in the last few days: sells uranium ore online.

Every Rolling Stone issue on one DVD (1967 - 2007).

Collector asks for your 1968 pennies.

Text to find nearest public toilet in UK.

Christmas Tree made from books.

You see ... I like the weird and the odd. I can't help it. I thought it was hereditary, but I've discovered that it might also be my environment. I live with Max. If you don't get it ... you need to spend more time with him.

Oh ... funny comment from Max this morning. He tried to convince Cody and me (I've lived with him for nearly 14 years) that he was a Type A personality. I'd really like to hear from you if you agree with him. Good heavenly days! That about sent me to the floor laughing. He was a little offended by our looks of query at each other. I still don't understand what possessed him to believe that about himself, but ... ok, whatever!

So, ice storm or not? Will the meterologists in Omaha get the first winter storm correct, or is it going to be one more screwup? Ah ha ... only time will tell.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Petty Annoyances - TMI

Just a warning - this may be too much information for some of you (Cody).

Today has been a GOOD DAY! Now, while many of you may not think these things are important, I do. You see, I have a really high tolerance level for annoying things. When I started working at Faith-Westwood, the chair that was in my office was pretty much broken. But, it wasn't all that bad, and I knew that I could live with it, I just needed to adjust how I sat down and had to be careful about leaning backwards (too fast and I'd be tipped over). It was no big deal ... but, was it perfect? Nope. Not at all. I just tolerated it. The last month or so, it has gotten worse and I could feel that I was sitting 'high center' on the post that holds the chair up. I had to be very careful or I would simply head off the side. The other thing that was a little annoying was that it had been so broken, I couldn't raise the chair up at all. Oh, I could raise it, but within 30 seconds of being seated, it flew right back down to the base of the chair.

Well, today it totally broke - and I nearly fell off the front of the chair. WHEW! You know what that meant? I was done tolerating a practically broken chair. I had no other option but to be done with it. Now ... I have a perfectly great chair. Yea!!!

While I'm on the subject of sitting ... (here's where the too much information comes in), my toilet seat at home has been broken for about a month. Not just a little broken, but pretty much destroyed. The hinges holding the top to the bottom were broken, it was no longer holding on to the toilet ... oh my, it was in bad shape. But, I was tolerating it because I simply didn't have time to get to Target and buy a new toilet seat. The last few mornings have been more than annoying. The worst thing? I spend a lot of time thinking in the bathroom. It's the quietest place at home and at work. So, I don't necessarily like to hurry. But, I wasn't enjoying any of my home-time potty breaks and so ... no thinking in the bathroom.

Max doesn't use this bathroom very often (it only has a toilet - no sink, no shower ... it's a weird house), it's just mine. So, he wasn't annoyed by the situation.

However! This morning he told me that he was going to Target to get some new shirts for his new job (tech support at Omaha Public Schools - he'll be working at 6 elementary schools on their computers - don't know which ones, don't know much yet - but I'll tell you when I do). As soon as I heard that he was heading to Target, my mind immediately reminded me that I wasn't having any peace about sitting on the toilet. "Max! Could you pick up a toilet seat for me as well?"

When I got home tonight and dashed in the back door for the bathroom, I was immediately greeted by a brand new toilet seat. Leica dashed in behind me (she requires a hug from mom before she can go outside) and I had to tell her how happy I was with my new toilet seat!

So ... this girl is sitting pretty this evening! There are no more 'sitting' annoyances in my world. I'm not sure what I'm going to do having these removed from me. You see, it's just not that difficult to make me happy ...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Wait is Over

Max got a call this morning from Omaha Public Schools ... he starts work next Monday. Oh ... God is good! It's going to be quite new and different to have both of us working at the same time. It's been over a year. And, it's going to be hard on me. Honestly, it is. I've really relied on Max to take care of a lot of things for me. And now he's not going to be around during the day. Wow ... it will be weird.

Do you realize that this Sunday is the beginning of the Advent season? Wow ... though there has been a lot that has happened this last year, it's nearly over!

We all think that Advent is about preparing for Christmas. Actually it began as a time of preparing for Christ's coming ... the second time! It always concerns me that I'm cavalier about that. I'm not prepared. I don't think about it enough ... yet, Jesus and Paul both emphasize that we are to constantly be attentive and stay prepared.

Are you prepared for Advent?

Monday, November 26, 2007

Much Too Quiet

Ok, I generally like Mondays. I get a lot of work done since 75% of the staff takes the day off. But, today? Today was much too quiet. And doggone it, I didn't get nearly enough work done. Bad, bad Diane. Looks like tomorrow will NOT be this quiet. Whoops!

After work, I picked Max up and we made a quick trip to Walgreens. I love that store. I can find nearly anything I need and if they don't have it, I can probably buy it online! (hehe)

I managed to set up a smallish contest at work - decorating the offices. So, I figure I better be prepared to compete a little bit. I picked up some lights and one of these evenings I will drag through my Christmas decorations and pull some out to take to work. Cody said he didn't care what I did to the office, just as long as I didn't make him do the work. Whee!!!

So ... I've been processing on some of the lessons that we've had in Disciple I. We are right in the middle of all of the I / II Kings readings. All of these kings "did evil in the sight of the Lord." They built asherah poles, objects of idol worship, raised up high places to worship idols ... on and on and on. The one thing that God had asked them to do - set themselves apart (be holy) - they just couldn't do. They couldn't separate themselves from the tribes, kingdoms, cultures that they were surrounded with. Oh for heaven's sake, the reason they wanted a king in the first place was because they wanted to be like everyone else. (I Samuel 8:19-20)

As we've been working through these lessons, I've found that it's really easy to ridicule these idiotic kings. One after another they followed the path of evil. How could they be so stupid? How indeed.

Until I begin asking the question: what are our idols? Materialism, jealousy, a need to promote ourselves, entitlement, anger and rage, judgmentalism, the list goes on and on. We try to set them aside, but the culture creeps in again and we have to face them all. I don't believe that Jesus Christ came to save me from my sins, and the way that I honor that is to desperately want a Nintendo Wii. Oh, good heavens! I simply fail miserably!

Do you really believe that you don't live with idol worship? Our culture is filled with it and we accept it as the norm. It's time to reject what we know to be evil ... how will you do that?

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday afternoon

This has been a weird day. I hadn't planned on being in worship this morning (heathen that I am, I was planning to sleep in), but on Wednesday, Jennie asked me to be there and be responsible for things. I can do that. So, I got here early for worship and booked out of here after 2nd service got started.

Home for a quick nap and back here for Jacque's funeral. Jacque had asked for Jennie to sing and me to accompany her on Chris Rice's "Untitled Hymn (Come to Jesus)", but since Jen is in NYC for the weekend, I just sang and played for myself. Which really stressed me out. I have enough dry throat going on that my voice isn't where I like it to be. So ... I just told God that He was going to have to do this one and of course it went fine. That was a tough funeral. When death comes to someone so young and so vital, it's hard to deal with. I couldn't look at the family, heck I could barely listen to Doug preach, I simply didn't want to be a sobbing mess by the time I had to sing.

But, this part of the grieving is over and now that the shock is over ... deep grieving will begin. I remember Dad pretty much went into seclusion for 6 months after mom was gone. He spent hours in his room listening to Sandi Patty's CDs. Her music took him through all of it. I'm grateful for that. Mom's been gone for 20 years now and sometimes I still completely fall apart because I miss her. Sadness is not a terrible thing until it consumes you.

Max and I went to Red Robin after the funeral and now we're back at church waiting for Disciple I class to begin (6:30). It will be good to get home tonight and relax again. I know, I know ... I had plenty of relaxation over the last few days, but hey! I can always use more.

This is a weird year. Thanksgiving is over and Advent doesn't begin until next Sunday. So ... this week will be a good week to get prepared for a season of preparation.

Are you ready? He is coming!

Friday, November 23, 2007


If you are reading my blog online, you will see a link to the right that says "Jacque's Place". Jacque Nielsen has chronicled her battle with cancer online since last January. She is an amazing woman and has dealt with cancer in such an incredible, open manner.

Jacque died yesterday morning surrounded by her family. Jennie called me last night at my brother's home and that was the only tough thing to deal with during my Thanksgiving holiday. I had to go hide for awhile so that I could just cry.

I'm going to miss her ... her family is going to miss her ...


Max and I have just returned from one of the most amazing holidays ever. Why was it so amazing? Absolutely no stress.

Carol, Max and I went down to my brother's house in Firth, NE yesterday morning and had such a terrific time. Jim and Janet are pretty wonderful hosts and spending time with their kids is pretty incredible.

We pulled in about 11:00 and began dragging our stuff in. I saw loads of food already in preparation for dinner. Whee! (they're also great cooks). A traditional dinner with way too much food and then the post holiday nap.

Jake and I put a puzzle together, we all watched football and movies, ate pie, snacked on leftovers, played games on laptops and snuggled with each other.

This morning Jim was cooking again - he makes a mean breakfast pizza. While we did some more hanging out (and more football and more puzzles), he was making even MORE food - a fabulous chili for lunch. Emma took off to see her boyfriend and Matt went to hang out with one of his best friends.

We finally left about 3:30, came home to crash and prepare for a ... weekend! Now, how cool is that? I have a terrific holiday and then have a quiet weekend to follow.

Max and I were driving home from work on Wednesday and were getting a little giddy about the holiday. We worried that we were building it up to be too good to be true, but today on the way home, Max was shutting his eyes in the back seat of Carol's car ... "this was better than I could have expected." And he was right.

I love my family.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Fun Evening

Ok, here's another commercial.

This evening Carol, Max and I met up with Cody and his wife at a bar. We actually went to hear the band "Thousand Houses" play. Mitch Towne and Anthony King play in the band and also play in our praise band at Faith-Westwood. (no, that's not a link to the praise band ... hmmm ... we should fix that!)

What amazing music! I do tend to get totally wrapped up in the music. I actually get a bit annoyed when people try to talk to me. I love watching good musicians do their thing. And this band is made up of some of the best musicians in Omaha.

Now to be honest, I think that our praise band at Faith-Westwood is made up of some of the most amazing musicians I've ever made music with. But, if I have to go to a bar to hear a great band, this is the band I want to be listening to. These guys play well ... really well and they write some awesome stuff! Matt Banta and Mitch really are anchoring this band - and they've been around the Omaha music scene for a long time.

I'm home now ... I smell like smoke and strange cologne (yikes?). I should be heading for bed - Carol will want me to jabber with her tomorrow on the drive down to Firth.

It's been a good evening - couldn't be much better! Friends and great music. Diane doesn't require much more than that!

Words are back

Well, at least for awhile. I'm sitting here after midnight, with a warm, purring cat in my arms as I type. He doesn't much like it when I move him around, but he'll put up with it to stay close. I just hug and kiss him and all is well in his world.

Isn't that just it? Sometimes that's all we need! It's not all that difficult, but we get awfully stingy with our affection for each other. I've never found it difficult to tell someone I love them. Because I honestly don't find it difficult to love people (alright, you caught me - there are a few that I find it very difficult to love ... and I leave them to God - they're His responsibility). But, God called me to love. A long time ago, He told me that was the biggest responsibility I had. So, I do!

I've had friends and past boyfriends who balked at using the words "I Love You". They had to 'feel' something to voice those words. Oh, for heaven's sake. Are you kidding me? Just release it. Don't make such a big deal out of it. Just love! Jesus tells us that the two greatest commandments are wrapped up in Love. Paul put a lot of effort into telling us what love looks like. And we spend lifetimes screwing it up. Love is actually pretty simple - we make a hash of it, though, don't we?

My parents weren't stingy with their love. Well, Dad wasn't at least. He was always telling us that he loved us. Carol and Jim don't have the same memory of mom that I do. I remember mom as very affectionate - they don't. It occurs to me now that she was responding to my affection. I have memories of sitting in her lap, snuggling up under a blanket on the couch with her, wrestling with her, hugging her, leaning on her in worship services, on and on ... Carol and Jim don't have those kinds of memories. I must have driven my poor mother nuts!

How would she have ever learned about affection, though? Her parents never showed it to her. We have a videotape of her as an infant. It was not her mother or father changing diapers, feeding her or playing with her ... it was a nurse! Grammy either loved her husband or her daughter, never both at the same time.

On the other hand, Dad came from a family that was quite affectionate. Grandma Greenwood was the epitome of a grandma. She loved all over the place. Every single movement that she made was done because of her love for someone and everyone. "I love you a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck" were words that I heard from her all the time.

So ... Dad brought that incredible affection into our home and mom didn't. I picked it up from him and transferred it to her as well. Thank heavens. I can't imagine not loving my friends. I can't imagine not telling them that I loved them. Because, wow, I really do! It isn't possible for me to be stingy with love.

And puhleeze ... if Jesus Christ really resides in your heart, how can you? With Jesus in you ... you should be exuding his personality in combination with your own and there is no greater love than what He brought with Him to this earth.

If you haven't said those three words (I love you) to someone lately ... begin practicing. Tell your child or your pet. Tell your friend, your spouse, your parent. Tell people. And you know ... my father always told me "practice makes perfect".

Perfect love ... that's something to strive for!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thank You, God

When we were growing up, dad's contribution to the Thanksgiving meal was simple ... 5 kernels of corn. Some years we faced seed corn, some years it was cooked sweet corn, in later years his sweet tooth took hold and we got candy corn. Before we ate the meal, we had to go around the table and give thanks ... 5 times. I didn't like eating the seed corn and was very thankful to get to the candy corn, but I never complained about having to come up with something to be thankful for.

This year, I'm thankful for:

my parents. They are both gone now, but the legacies that they have left in my life are incredible.

my husband. Max is truly unique and has made me awfully happy for 14 years. I'm a fortunate woman.

my family. This has been a tough year, but the three of us kids (my sister Carol, my brother Jim) and our families have never fallen apart as a family. I don't spend nearly enough time with my niece and nephews, and I miss them, but these are my favorite people in the world. We are all confident in our faith and that only makes getting together for holidays that much more exciting.

my job. God has blessed me in such a fabulous way. I have the best place to work. I've waited for a lifetime to get to this place, and here I am. I can hardly believe that I work in a situation where my faith is actually lifted up and I can encourage multitudes of people in their own faith.

my animals. I know, I know ... but these little warm things (Leica the dog, and Ichabod the cat) fill up a lot of places in my world and make my home a fantastic thing to come home to.

my friends. This list continues to grow as God brings new people into my life. I won't be able to name them all one by one, but I am so grateful for the chance I get to continually explore new thoughts and new things with them.

my mind. God has given me a sense of curiousity and an appetite for learning. And when He did that, He also gave me a world to be curious about and and infinite things to learn about.

my music. I know that it is a God-given talent, but I'm thankful for it. I love playing and singing and using my talent in different ways.

my worship. I could say - my worship band, but it's not mine ... we're all together. This has been an enormous gift of grace to me. I have always loved singing in worship, but all of a sudden I'm singing with this incredible group of musicians.

my church. God is moving in this church and the leadership is not only open to it, but encourage it.

the Bible. Can you believe that we have this book? I mean, really? The Alpha and the Omega ... gave us words to help us understand His purpose, His design and His laws for our lives.

prayer. Again, can you believe it? We have the opportunity to communicate with the Creator.

my Savior. I don't deserve it. All that He did. To ensure my eternity.

my God. I was created by the Lord of Lords, God of Gods ... to be here right now. In this place, in this time.

This was a lot more than 5 things. And this is just a few of the things that have lit into my mind right now. I am truly grateful.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Never enough words?

Who'd've thought. Diane ran out of words. Honestly, sometimes it exhausts me to come up with something creative after spending hours being creative. Make sense? Probably not.

I taught at the 6:00 worship service tonight. I love doing this, it's really a fabulous outlet for my teaching. But, it drives me crazy. Ok, I drive me crazy! I've been thinking about this for the last 2 weeks. I started writing Thursday morning and figured that I would have plenty of time to get the writing done before tonight. Thursday became insane and I ran out of time. Then, Friday was here. I knew I was leaving early - after a long week, I didn't need to just hang out ... and everyone was gone. I'd gotten a lot of work done on Thursday so I knew that I might have some extra time available to me for writing on Friday.

Well, it didn't happen. I made no plans Friday night, in fact, Max left to go out with a friend for dinner, so I even had the house completely to myself. I started processing ... nothing more.

Yikes! I woke up in the middle of the night and cancelled some plans I had for Saturday morning (I love email). Then, I was awake at 8:30 this morning knowing I had to focus. I was at my desk trying to come alive and concentrate.

And just in case you are curious ... I was praying through all of this. I'm not a stupid girl.

Now, I don't preach ... I teach. And if I'm going to teach, I definitely need to have the Bible open in front of me. But, I kept avoiding it. Again, that seems insane, right? Well, you see ... I lost my glasses earlier this week. I have absolutely no idea what happened to them. And I knew that I wasn't going to be able to easily read my Bible without them (stop laughing at me).

Finally I just pulled the Bible out and opened it up. And, really, I could not read it without focusing really hard on the words. I was frustrated. I was getting up to reach for the lamp. I wanted to pull it down from the top of my desk to the desktop so that I would at least have good light to read by. Just at that point, Max came downstairs and saw what I was doing. I whined a little bit, and he promptly pulled his glasses off the top of his head and handed them to me. He went back upstairs for another pair for himself. What a guy.

But, whew! I could finally read! Let's just say ... I have a new pair of glasses by this point. His were much too strong for me. I also purchased some magnifying bookmarks for my Bible and my purse. This will never happen to me again! (again, stop laughing at me!)

I have decided, though, that I must be a moron. I am so dense. Over and over and over again, when I am trying to write these lessons to teach, I find that I can't get anything written as long as I'm concentrating on the finished product. As soon as I give up and relinquish control ... God gets a chance to work through me and with me to teach a lesson that needs to be told. And, as soon as I did relinquish ... the writing began to flow. I was done within a couple of hours and then I had time to read through it and prepare.

Tonight I taught a lesson on holiness. I'm not sure that the entire thing will work for a blog ... but, if I get some extra time, I might try to condense it. We'll see.

It's late ... I need to sleep. Tomorrow is another busy day. I didn't really get my Sabbath day this week and that doesn't make me happy. I rely on those quiet days so that I can approach the busy weeks. Oh well ... Good night!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Pivotal Praying

I just finished reading "Pivotal Praying" by John Hull & Tim Elmore. Oh my goodness! Reading this book did numerous things to me and for me. I cried several times as I read the stories of changed lives and answered prayers.

But, it's also a book with practical application. I've read numerous books on prayer. Numerous books! Dr. Delp had asked me for some ideas of authors and study books on prayer. I walked into the office last week with two large stacks of books and as we were looking through them, my comment was "Obviously, I've never felt confident that I know how to pray." I kept looking for the book that would teach me how to pray.

I've found it. This book is inspirational - there were so many stories of contemporary individuals as well as biblical characters. The authors aren't afraid to tell you stories of how people have failed in prayer either. But, they teach that sometimes we learn our best lessons when we fail at what we think is the right way to do something. I was astounded at their personal stories of growth through prayer.

But, I loved the training they offer in praying. For instance, there were three questions that should be asked when waiting for an answer to prayer. 1. Does God want to do something different? 2. Does God want to purify my motives? 3. Does God want to change me or stretch my faith? Thinking through these things while I wait for God, no matter how long it takes can change my prayer life!

And, how healthy leaders pray:
1. They express submission
2. They express the fact that they're seeking.
3. They express surrender

It is never about me ...

I've already promised my copy of this book to a friend. But, you have to get this! As I was reading, I finally said to God, "I'm reading through this quickly - PLEASE anchor some of these truths into my heart today." I want so many people to read this book. Learn how to pray. Be inspired by answered prayers. And then? PRAY!

Max Lucado - On Waiting

I will rarely post other people's writing here - not because I think mine's better, but I always worry about not giving them enough credit. Generally, though ... other people's teaching is better than mine. I get Max Lucado's weekly email in my inbox and it always inspires me. This week, however, I left it there so that I could continue to read it over and over ... and now, I'm going to share it here:

Prayerful Waiting
by Max Lucado

“They all met together continually for prayer.” Mark uses the same Greek word here translated “continually” to describe a boat floating in the water, waiting on Jesus. The Master, speaking on the beach of Galilee, told the disciples to have a boat ready and waiting (Mark 3:9). The boat was “continually” in the presence of Christ. So are the Upper Room disciples. One day passes. Then two. Then a week. For all they know a hundred more will come and go. But they aren’t leaving. They persist in the presence of Christ.

The followers were willing to do one thing: wait in the right place for power. We’re so reluctant to do what they did. Who has time to wait? We groan at such a thought. But waiting doesn’t mean inactivity—rather inHIMactivity. Waiting means watching for him. If you are waiting on a bus, you are watching for the bus. If you are waiting on God, you are watching for God, searching for God, hoping in God. Great promises come to those who do. “But those who wait on the LORD will find new strength. They will fly high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint” (Isa. 40:31).

To those who still struggle, God says, “Wait on me.” And wait in the right place. Jesus doesn’t tell us to stay in Jerusalem, but he does tell us to stay honest, stay faithful, stay true.

Desire power for your life? It will come as you pray. For ten days the disciples prayed. Ten days of prayer plus a few minutes of preaching led to three thousand saved souls. Perhaps we invert the numbers. We’re prone to pray for a few minutes and preach for ten days. Not the apostles. Like the boat waiting for Christ, they lingered in his presence. They never left the place of prayer.

From Come Thirsty Copyright (W Publishing Group, 2004) Max Lucado

Yah, Yah, Yah

I know I went away for awhile, but my weeks get so busy, I run out of words by the end of the day! Can you imagine that? Me! It happens.

I'm looking forward to today. It's a Saturday and I have claimed Saturdays as my Sabbath. I generally spend plenty of time at my desk or hanging out on the couch with Max. At my desk I might play a few computer games, but much of the day is spent reading scripture, working on my Disciple I study and exploring passages that I feel drawn to.

God's commandment on the Sabbath is something that I have really been convicted by this year. It doesn't hurt that as I'm reading the beginnings of the Old Testament, I find that God continually reminds us of this commandment. Over and over again, He commands us to set aside the day and make it holy. While you can justify your activities and actions any way you want, I'm choosing to try to re-learn what it means to be before God for an entire day.

What does it mean to make a day holy? Well, God rested on this day - so, I'm glad to be resting. My week is generally nuts. I spend hour after hour at work doing a million things and talking and listening to my friends. In the evenings, I generally have something going on and if there's not something going on, then I'm out to dinner with friends. I never get home before 9:00 and when the days are that nuts, I'm asleep by 10:00. Every single day of my week is like this. So, I rest.

Because of the insanity of my weeks, I don't have much time to read or study. I do make time at night to spend in prayer, but generally that prayer is pretty heavy - once I begin in intercessory prayer, God wipes me out and keeps me pretty active. So ... my scripture reading during the week is concentrated on where He and I end up. Saturday - I do my lessons and I just enjoy the quiet time!

There are just so many things about the Bible that I want to learn! This week I discovered that I want to learn about the sacrificial system that God prescribed in the Torah. The varying types of offerings that He commanded the people to bring before Him. It's an exercise in education - not a necessity for my salvation.

I want to understand prophecy - Old Testament, New Testament and what God expects and does now.

As soon as I can learn these things, I can begin to teach them. I love translating the process of Scripture understanding to people.

Max is upstairs - still asleep. The house is quiet. The dog is buried under a pile of blankets (the house is also cold - I refuse to turn the heat on - haven't yet!). I'm going to boil some water for tea, gather up some of my winter scents (candles with cinnamon, etc.) and start my day!

Thank you Lord for these days that I am allowed to rest in You! Bless this day, Lord ... keep me alert to Your presence.