Wednesday, May 23, 2012

God's Love. Our judgment.

Yesterday, I kind of went off on the world and ranted a little bit about the poor behavior of those who think their bitter and foul postings aren't as hate-filled as they truly are.  I might have been a little angry.

In fact, as I was making up my bed and TB was helping (or not helping, as generally occurs), I thought about a few things that I had just read and honestly, I was vibrating with anger.  I didn't push him away so I could finish pulling the sheets taut, I just left him there, and walked away, over to my computer to begin writing words that had been flashing through my mind.

The first thing I had read was this:

Christian groups in Illinois oppose anti-bullying legislation because that would make it impossible for their children to deride gays or transgenders.

If that wasn't enough, the next thing I read was this:

A man I respect as an intellectual decided to agree with this inflammatory pastor that if you pen all lesbians and all gays up and air lift food in for them, homosexuality would die out.  Watching that pastor's sermon incensed me and reading the commentary that agreed with the absolute ignorance of his words sent me over the edge.

Whether or not you believe in 'nature or nurture,' calling for mass imprisonment of any group to purify the world ... well ... leads to someone like Hitler.

The thing is, we continue to hate. In the past, we have approved of killing abortion doctors, we've stood by while ethnic cleansing in other countries occurs and complain when our country sends aid.

We speak and write against helping a country such as Haiti recover from a terribly destructive earthquake. I was appalled at those who wrote that we should be helping the homeless and hungry in our own country when people were donating millions of dollars and hours of their own time to help Haiti in their recovery efforts.

These are the same people who write that all who go on welfare (homeless and hungry?  maybe), should be drug tested. In other words, someone who does drugs doesn't deserve to eat or have a place to live.  Our own sins condemn us to a life lived in the mud and mire.

It's easy to send these things around, and honestly, not so easy to help at a homeless shelter, or donate food and money to a food bank or offer time to help drug addicts recover.  If everyone who complained about welfare and giving aid to those in crisis situations around the world gave a few of their hard-earned American dollars to help, most of the issues would be gone.

Whoops ... I'm beginning to rant again.

What I want to say, more than anything, is that when we set ourselves up against a group of people, we are setting ourselves against people whom God created and loves.  He doesn't love them because they can fend for themselves or because they're good people or because they're healthy or live in a wealthy part of the world.  He doesn't love them because they look and act like something we are familiar with.  He doesn't love them because they are heterosexual or manage their money well or take a shower every day.

He simply loves them because they are his children.

He makes no distinction. Neither should we.

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