Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Getting Old

Yesterday I worked on filling out my profile information at Grand Canyon University.  I wandered along, inputting information about owning Insty-Prints, typing in the years I was there and the years I worked at different churches, etc.  Then ... THEN, I got to the education section.  I wanted to enter my undergraduate information.  Hmmm ... let's see ... maybe I'll just enter the last college I attended and the one from which I graduated.  Ok ... good, that's a great idea.

Coe College.  I started in the fall of 1979.  1979.  Ummm ... 1979.  Are you kidding me?  There was no year earlier than 1980!!  Oh, for heaven's sake, I graduated in 1981!  Talk about destroying a girl's heart.

Max and I have often laughed at the fact that we are running out of radio buttons.  You know those little buttons you select on surveys, etc.?  They mark off your age for you quite nicely.  Let's see.  23-35 - Nope.  36-42 - Nope.  43-51 - Nope.  52 - ? - WHAT??  I'm in the last radio button?  That kind of stuff just kicks me in the head.

Why can't these companies recognize that the Baby Boomers (yes, I'm at the tail end of that group) comprise one of the largest population entities out there and we don't plan on dying in the next seven years.  For heaven's sake!  Let's make those radio buttons go out until at least the age of 120!

Sometimes the world makes me feel really old ... even when I'm not.

So, I logged onto the Grand Canyon University's Tech Support page on Facebook and asked about the whole '1980' thing.  They asked that I send my query in to an email address which accepts feedback for the website, because they know they have students of all ages. I did.

But, whatever ... when they say 'all ages,' I know that they are talking about old people like me ... all of those ages that might have gone to college prior to 1980.  Sigh.

Someday I'll rant and rave about the relentlessness of time and all the profound thoughts which revolve around that idea, but for today, I'm just whining.

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Fran said...

I too find it impossible to believe that there are PhD students here working in the college that weren't even born the year I started working full time, excuse me....WHAT???? LOL

You and Leonard, both have issues with that age thing! But I love you both so very, very much. :-)