Saturday, January 05, 2013

Saturday Observations

Things have been flying through my mind this morning. Nothing terribly profound, but I have to write them down so they'll leave my mind.  I want to fill that brain up with other things!

1. I watch television shows on Hulu.  Advertising is highly repetitive.  At this point, I can hardly wait for Tuesday, so the new show with Snooki has finally aired and I no longer have to see advertising for it. I understand people watch this show or it wouldn't be on the air, but really?  I'm actually not that easily offended,  but the ad makes me want to throw things at my screen. And Double Divas?  Good for them, but for heaven's sake, I'm done with that ad. On the other hand, the Toyota ads make me giggle every time I see them.  I love the ads with the receptionist.  Nothing better than showing an employee having fun at their job.

2. Curiosity killed the cat.  It's a proverb I'd never really paid a lot of attention to.  When Howard and Ichabod lived in my life, they were pretty tame.  TB is curious about everything ... especially if I'm involved.  He wants to taste things, he wants to smell things, he wants to know things.  Everything is new and fascinating.  I love that ... and I want to be more like that.  He drives me absolutely nuts when he thinks he needs to be involved, but it is also wonderful to watch.  As I made pumpkin bars yesterday, TB had to taste the pumpkin, it was a riot.  He went right for the emptied can of pumpkin.  His curiosity is a riot.

3. I wonder about people who have no one in their lives to tell them to think twice about the things they say or do.  I have plenty of people who will tell me when I'm being an idiot and I base my responses on whether or not they will find it necessary to correct my behavior.  But, when I come into contact with those who have no such 'stop' in their lives, I am reminded why rage moves people to violence.

I will never understand why it's easier for people to criticize and be negative than to offer encouragement and support, but wow.  AND, the other thing that makes me nuts is those narcissists who find it more important to justify their errors rather than admit to being wrong.

4. I can only take my own filth for so long.  The week and a half between Christmas and New Year's, I had no other commitments in my life, so I took the time to work through a creative process that required a great deal of thought and intense time.  By the time I was finished Thursday evening, the house was a wreck.  Dishes needed to be washed, tables cleared off, bed made ... things were strewn everywhere.  I'd tolerated it while working, but the closer and closer I came to being finished with the task, the more aware I was of the mess I had created. Fortunately I had a day to recuperate.  Things are back in order and I'm ready to get started on the next thing in my life.  Whew!

5. One of the things I love the most about Facebook is knowing what goes on in the lives of my friends.  My heart aches when they hurt and thrills when they are having fun.  I love knowing about their interests and continuing to find things we have in common.  There were things about so many of them that I didn't know when we were spending time together because we were focused on those things we were doing in common.  My friends lead exciting and wonderful lives!

You know how you get Christmas letters and in your cynical mind, you believe that no one can be as successful as those parents make their kids seem?  Well, honestly, that's not true. There is room in this big 'ole world for us to all find success in the things we do and to celebrate those successes.  I'm proud of my friends and the things they love in their lives!

Alright, now it's time for me to go back to work.

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