Saturday, February 10, 2007

Cleaning up the mess!

Oh my goodness, but my house is trashed! I've done a little work on it this morning and it needs much more! I suppose I have a good excuse, but wow! This place was out of control. Leaving the house before 8 am and getting home around 11 pm doesn't leave much time for cleaning. In a perfectly sterile environment, that kind of behavior would be fine, but I have a husband and three animals that participate in the destruction of the living space.

I got home last night after eating with some friends and crashed! I fed the animals and took care of all of their evening needs and tried desperately to wait up for Max to get home from work (after 10 pm), but I was drifting by 9:45, woke up enough to tell him I loved him and was asleep again. This working outside the home is wearing me out! Ok, to be honest, my life is way more than working 8 hour days. Those would be cake at this point. And I see it getting worse before it gets better. I'm awfully thankful for a God that sustains me.

I have a new copy of my birth certificate. Hah ... I haven't changed jobs for over 23 years and in that period of time new laws were put into place to deal with immigrants. The I-9 requires a driver's license and a social security card. I have the license, but have no idea where my SS card is. Ok, I'll simply get a new one. Well, you have to have a valid birth certificate to do that. Hmmm ... I'm betting that's in the same place (lost) as the SS card! I called the Iowa Department of Records and have the new birth certificate. I suppose it wouldn't be a terrible thing to use that to at least get a passport. I've never needed one in the past, but now that I'm employed by someone other than myself, wouldn't it be fabulous to take a vacation and use a passport? Wow! That would be new for me.

I was reading an article about
Benedict's 12-step guide to humility.

That's powerful! And something that very few of us ever take into account. I'm surprised at the intense arrogance we carry around with us as Christians. It's as if believe that we have a 'right' to be self-promoters, to insult each other and say terrible things about each other, our coworkers, our bosses, our leaders, etc.

In my study the last couple fo weeks, I have been processing on gossip. The devil > diabalos > Satan > slanderer. J. Vernon McGee says that gossip originates in the pit of hell. Goodness! That certainly makes me pause and consider the words that come out of my mouth. I don't believe that I want to portray myself as a tool of Satan, yet when I speak awful things, I am acting as his utensil on earth. I am dredging up the ugliness from the Abyss and spewing out of a mouth from which God wants to only hear praise and worship.

So ... humility. Read the article at and if you'd like, come back and comment ... but, really, I just want you to read it!


Jacqniel said...

I would have made a terrible monk! Speaking with fewness of words is something I work on, all the time. Not laughing when I speak? I wouldn't know how to do this.
I do think that humbling yourself before God is imparative. He sees through all the hype and posturing - so why bother.
Thanks for the thought provoking reading, dear. You take care of yourself and don't burn yourself out! Hugs.

Diane Muir said...

I had a lot of trouble with the whole laughter thing. And almost didn't post the link because of it. But, I realized the number of times I have allowed laughter to outweigh my listening ears.

But you're right ... I could never have been a monk. For a short period of time (a day or two) maybe, but after that, I need laughter and I need to feel the excitement of people. Awfully glad that God didn't call me to that life!