Saturday, May 19, 2007

I Love Saturdays!

I really do love Saturdays. This is my day. When I owned Insty-Prints, Saturday was a relief from the stress of the week. No one was calling, I didn't have to open and deal with bills, no customers were bugging me, employees weren't driving me crazy. It was a great day. But, now that I am in a job that I love, Saturday is different! It's even better! I'm not trying to de-stress after a really awful week, I'm just enjoying the day.

Max took off this morning to play with his buddies. A long day of video games, I suspect. Good for him. He hasn't had a chance to hang out with these guys since they closed CompUSA and I know that after spending day in/day out with them, they probably miss each other (even though they would never admit it). I told him to come home when he comes home tonight. He'll have fun.

While he's having fun, I'll have freedom! I don't have to talk to anyone (do you know that I'm a hermit? Sheesh! I really am ... on a short-term basis), and I can putter around doing whatever I'd like to do. I'm cleaning, bit by bit; I have movies running in the background; I'll probably do some scanning (we got an amazing new scanner this week); right this moment I'm writing; I have some books I want to read. There is a beautiful breeze rushing in through the open windows, what a great day!

Did I tell you that Max is walking?!?!?! He's WALKING! Oh ... after surgery on Feb. 26th, it seemed like an interminable amount of time with him hobbled and laid up. It's so exciting! He's doing great, too. He pretty much put down his crutches and walked. (I know, I know - I sound like Benny Hinn). We've been praying for this day for 3 months. Why would I think that God wouldn't honor those prayers? There is some stiffness in the ankle and his calf and thigh muscles need to be rebuilt, so he is still limping a bit, but no pain ... and no crutches. GLORY!

It's Saturday, I'm going to hide in my house and do my thing and I'll come out early tomorrow morning for worship. It is the small things that God gives me that make me realize how much He loves me. Today I'll love the 6th day of His week and enjoy it for all it has to offer!

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