Sunday, July 01, 2007

Eight Things About Me

I was tagged by Jacque. And now I have to THINK! Argh.

*Each player lists 8 facts or habits about themselves.

*The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before the list of 8.

*At the end of the post, the person tags 8 people, then go to comment on the tagged person's blog, letting them know they've been tagged.

1. My mid-elementary years were in Morning Sun, Iowa with a future graduating class of 23.

2. I met my husband online and dragged him up here from North Carolina.

3. I always figured I would be a music teacher ... who knew?

4. I made a personal commitment to Christ at the age of 13.

5. My first car was a VW bug - I miss it.

6. I've lived in Omaha longer than I ever lived anywhere else.

7. I have a scar on my right ankle from dropping a pair of scissors point down into it. They really did go "sproingggg".

8. I wear my mother's engagement ring as my engagement ring.

Oh ... whew! I was going to keep going and realized that I only needed to do 8. I don't know that I know 8 bloggers, but I will tag:


It occurs to me that if I don't know 8 bloggers personally, some of you need to step up! I KNOW you all have plenty to say - we talk all the time!


cody said...

Since you broke the rules by not tagging 8 of us, I am breaking the rules by not replying!



Coire Bhreacain said...

I thought tagging was a (ahem)"Trailer Park" thing....

No, eh? Okay, I'll do it, but only because I am trying to get back in your good graces after my rant that didn't really include you about Dad's birthday reception.

The problem is...eight things like in what category? I'll figure it out.

Sue said...

Diane, we have so much in common. I like my space and solitude, I grew up in a household much like yours, and I know you! My grandfather sold your mom and dad the land at Bells Dell. My father and yours died within weeks of each other, mine first. Your dad came over with Priscella to comfort us. He was so kind, telling us his thoughts about Dad, his kindness and gentleness and large, strong, working hands. At visitation, he came and Mom and I asked him how he came to buy Bells Dell. He told us the story you did in a previous blog post but more than that. The land wasn't actually for sale, they fell in love with it so inquired whether grandpa would consider selling it. Grandpa Leaf wasn't sure, but he'd consider it. Art (my Grandpa) then hired people to comb the land to see if there was oil or other minerals in it -- a somehwat lenghty process. Once he was satisfied he wasn't selling a stranger something worth millions(though that land is, it is so beautiful) he made the deal with Frank.

It was so surreal when I got a call from my mom teling me about your dad's accident. I couldn't believe it. Our Bells Mill family shrunk so quickly losing two wonderful men this spring. I imagined Dad seeing Frank come into heaven and saying he certainly didn't expect to see him again so soon.

Frank and Priscilla's neighbors, Brad and Sue are longtime friends of mine. I went to college with Brad.

Mom told me about your blog so I looked it up. I love seeing your mom's poems. She was one wonderful lady. And your famiy embraced ours and helped me out when I was in Iowa City and so homesidk and you opened your home to me for a weekend.

Take Care!

Sue Leaf-Brock