Sunday, August 12, 2007

Life in the Fast Lane

The fast lane isn't happening so much for me this weekend. It's glorious!

Have you missed me, though? I feel a little guilty for not blogging this week. It's been a wild one. The entire staff was at Brookside Church for the Leadership Summit beginning on Thursday. Now for me, that meant that Monday - Wednesday I was jammin' while trying to get everything finished. My poor brain was so exhausted at the end of every day, it was all I could do to be a vegetable in the evening.

The Leadership Summit was something! We heard some amazing speakers and though I have to say that I didn't learn anything extraordinarily new, I was fully inspired. I hope that everyone gets a chance to experience this summit in years to come. Make the effort, it's always worth it. I heard an interview with Colin Powell. That man is a leader. Oh, I know ... that's an obvious statement, but wow. You listen to him speak and realize that there is a powerful personality there.

Saturday morning I listened as Bill Hybels from Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago (Willow Creek Association hosts this Summit) interviewed Jimmy Carter. People were asking me if I liked Carter. Let me tell you why I do. My father did. A lot. Not necessarily as a politician, but as a man. As I watched the interview unfold, I remembered the conversations that I had with Dad about Carter. Dad felt that he had never received the respect that he deserved for the brilliant man that he was. Do you know that he was a nuclear physicist?

Carter is a man of peace ... above all things ... peace. I grew up with a father who believed in peace ... above all things. Carter's peace treaty between Israel and Egypt changed the face of mideast policies.

So, yesterday as the interview finished, I began to weep. A lot. I wanted to do nothing other than call Dad and tell him about this amazing interview and to discuss what I had heard with him. My poor husband had to listen to me and discuss it all with me. He's a good man.

Jen had to miss the last half of the Summit and YEA! I was able to take Max with me. He got to hear Colin Powell and Jimmy Carter - as well as the other speakers on Friday and Saturday. It was fun to be able to share that with him.

It's a hard life sitting for 8 hours a day listening to speakers, though. My butt was killing me at the end of each day. The seats were very comfortable, but after 8 hours, I was exhausted. I took my knitting with me so that I would keep my hands busy during the sessions. For that I was thankful it was a simulcast and not a live event. I couldn't be that rude to a speaker. But, I did get 4 dishrags knitted over the weekend. Love those things!

I got home yesterday afternoon and crashed. I was certainly glad for a nap! But, then, last night I stayed up until 2 am. Carol and I were emailing back and forth as I was creating lots of forms, posters, postcards and paper for her classroom. She figured that the other teachers would see her as an overachiever. She's just glad to have me helping. And I'm so glad to be doing this for her! It's great fun for me. I want her to have the coolest classroom around. Give her the chance to be an inspiring movement in the lives of her kids. She can do it - but everything I can do to help ... is fun for me!

Fortunately, I was able to sleep in this morning. Whew ... needed it!

I found this great site - tons of television shows to watch. I've been watching the Sci Fi channel's "Eureka". It's amazing. Hilarious and tons of fun stuff involving brilliant people. Gotta love it. Geeks on television. They make me happy. On an earlier episode, I saw the desk I want. The computer is in the desktop. Oh my ... remember TRON? Loved that desk.

Ok ... have I caught up on my life yet? Probably not - there are always a million things going on in my life. It's pretty exciting and pretty cool. And just a reminder. In all things ... God is good.


Jacqniel said...

Wow! You packed a lot in this week - and in this blog! By the way - I did miss you!
I didn't particularly like Carter as a president, but I always admired his faith and his fearless way he spoke of God in his life. I am so glad that Max was there for you to help you through the emotions that you were feeling.
I didn't realize (or at least remember) that Carol is a teacher! What age? Where?
And I second - God IS good.

Diane Muir said...

Carol is at Western Hills - she starts this year. 6th Grade. She's pretty excited! She got her degree in May (her 2nd Bachelor's - Elementary Education) and is really ready to go!!!