Saturday, August 25, 2007

The joy of a Saturday

Today has been a pretty terrific day. I doubt that anyone else would like this day, but it's my favorite stuff. I've been reading Star Wars novels and knitting today. I completely shut my mind down from anything related to work. And it's been fabulous!

Max picked up takeout from Lo Sole Mio tonight so that I wouldn't have to get dressed up - I could just hang out in my lounging clothes. I don't know that life could get much better than this!

This week has been a bit grueling. We really are working hard to get things kicked off at church and it seems that the harder we all work, the more there is to do. That tends to create a rather frightening circular pattern. Yesterday, Julie popped into my office with "Sonic Run!" I had no idea what she meant. OH! She was heading to Sonic and did we all want something to drink. Well, I've never done that! I had no idea what to order. Everyone talks about their Limeades, so it seemed the thing to try. A strawberry Limeade. Whoa, honeypot - that was good! And what a great way to end a week.

Julie also tapped me a little bit yesterday about my bad blogging skills lately. She's right. It's hard to keep this up! I get home in the evening and I'm pooped - my brain is in desperate need of being turned off. Some days I don't have a creative thought left, much less something that might be a bit spiritually profound. And I don't feel like I should blog my insanity! (hehe)

Other times, I feel just plain boring. If I were to blog the crazy conversations that Max and I have, you would simply shake your head at us. Today we had a weird conversation about Ayn Rand's book "Atlas Shrugged". I've got this on an audio book and want to listen to it - I've never read it and am pretty sure that if I were to try to read it, my eyes would soon wear out and I'd fall asleep. He read it many years ago and was describing some of the plot to me. I'm still curious as to who John Galt is and why Omaha has a street named after him. The only John Galt we know about is in that book. Oh well ...

We never discuss the normal news that's out there, we always come up with a piece of something very, very odd and before you know it - we're both tearing through the internet off on some chase for a bit of strange and odd information.

Oh, Max told me today that he was cited on Wikipedia. It was something that he had said about photography, but he certainly didn't feel like he was a source to be cited. It cracked him up!

While I was reading Star Wars this evening, Max was watching "Snakes on a Plane". Hehe ... I hate those shows, so I was sitting at my desk with my back to the television while he was howling with laughter! Every time a snake leaped out or bit someone or did something hideous, he cracked up. That's definitely the way to watch scary movies - with someone who recognizes the 'camp' in them. You have to watch "
Killer Klowns from Outer Space" with Max sometime. The movie is just plain awful, I mean it's really awful! The best line in it, though is: "There ARE clowns, and they ARE killing people." Max loves terrible movies. Movies that are made terrible on purpose annoy him, but those movies that were made with the best intentions, but end up being awful completely entertain him. "Robot Monster" (1953) is one of the first movies he introduced me to in his ongoing quest to enlighten me. Oh my goodness, but it's terrible. A robot is sent to earth in advance of an impending invasion. Now ... there was no money spent on this thing, so the costume that they gave this poor actor was a gorilla suit for the body of the monster and an ancient underwater diving helmet for the head. Supposedly, he has killed all but 6 people on earth, and then ends up falling for one of the females. Good heavens, it's just awful. But, it is hilarious.

...welcome to my world.

It's nearly 10:30. I've finished 2 of the 3 books in this Star Wars trilogy and the anticipation is killing me. I'm knitting a blanket. I have a long ways to go on it. No, I don't intend to finish it this weekend, but I'm certainly going to get as much done as possible! Max has gone upstairs, the dog is firmly ensconced in a blanket beside me and I'm heading back to the book! Have a good night!

Oh .. in my last post, I mentioned that I was arrogant about the authors I read? Well, Timothy Zahn is a classic in the Sci Fi literary world (if you can call it that). I read his stuff as often as possible. (hehe) Maybe I'm not as selective as I'd like to think I am!!!

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