Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pour Out a Blessing - July study

It's certainly taken me awhile to decide what to study during the month of July. I didn't think I wanted to do something exceptionally heavy, but I'm not sure that there is really anything 'light' in scripture.

There are a couple of New Testament books that I don't know terribly well, one of which is the letter to the Hebrews. No, I wouldn't call this light reading, but I look forward to reading and studying Paul's encouraging words to the children of Israel.

If you would like to invite someone to join us, please feel free. If they would like to receive an email reminder each day, just send an email to nammynools (@) cox (.) net and I will get them on the mailing list. Otherwise, they can 'follow' the Pour Out a Blessing blog or subscribe to it in an RSS Reader. I'm just glad to be able to share my thoughts with everyone and it's quite exciting to discover information within Scripture on a daily basis. I learn so much as I do this!

Join us in July and invite someone else to begin studying scripture daily as well!

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