Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Tuesday morning ramblings


I could stop there and it would effectively tell you what I'm feeling. But, you know me. I have more words than that!

Cleaning and purging are the order of the day (week, month, life ... whatever) here. I just tore into a space that I haven't seen for awhile. Hauling out trash, taking stuff downstairs that will be delivered elsewhere (most to Goodwill). It's all good. I have the music cranked up so that I can hear it throughout the house. A little rock 'n roll to work by.

I am returning order to this life of mine. You know that law of entropy? Well, that pretty much defines my life. It's going to take a massive amount of energy to restore order to a house that I didn't pay enough attention to for a very long time. It's a wonderful feeling to purge stuff out. The thing is, you're probably going to hear about it for a long time ... I have several lifetimes of junk to get rid of.

The other day I was talking to my nephew, Jacob. I told him that I was cleaning the stuff out of my house because Carol has informed me over and over that she doesn't want to have to deal with this if I die suddenly. His comment? "And we thank you for this." Ummm ... yup!


We got a second car last night. Not a big deal car, but a big deal for me. Max was in Michigan for a week and a half and took a rental car. For that entire time I tasted freedom again! Now, it isn't as if I want to do a million things during the day, but wow, to be able to just leave and take care of something if I want to is an amazing freedom.

I had also forgotten how much I loved driving. I could get in my Jeep and go for a very long time before needing to stop for anything. Turn up the music and roll down the windows (and/or sun roof) and I am happy just driving. In the last 20 years, the two people in my life (Carol and Max) seem to like driving more than I (or have control issues - hehe), so I tended to just be in the passenger seat. There is much freedom and joy being returned to me with one cheap car for Max to drive to work.


Here's an interesting article about twittering from church. One of my favorite bloggers is mentioned in the article. He's got a book coming out soon and is a fun Christian humorist. But, the article intrigued me. I wonder how many of us are offended by technology and the changes it makes in things we are very familiar with. The gal who was kicked out for twittering the pastor's sermon ... because of copyright ... by the ushers. Uh huh.

Technology will continue to change. Heck, I remember hearing people freak out about electric guitars (gasp) in service and there were some churches where sound systems were frowned upon. All of that technology would distract people from what they were supposed to be doing. Heck, I used to have a little Franklin Bible that I carried in my purse. I actually had people accuse me of using it to email during worship. Really? You aren't paying attention to the service, but to me? And you have no idea what I'm really doing. Walk away from me, idiot.


Carol has been moving into her new house. She's one happy girl. I asked if it was starting to feel like her own home. Her comment was, "Diane, when I first saw the house, I wondered what in the heck someone else's furniture was doing here." Ok ... that's wonderful! The nice thing is that it's not terribly far me and so I can get up there a lot. She has a great fenced in back yard, so it's easy to take Leica up and let her loose. Pretty soon she'll recognize the trip and get excited before I even get there.


Have I told you that I am singing again ... leading worship with my friend, Jen. If you ever need somewhere to go for a great worship experience, join us at Gretna UMC - 10:45 Sunday mornings (see, you can even sleep late). Best music ever and great preaching. (I'm a little biased on the whole music thing, but I have pretty good judgment : ) )


Amy Purintun said...

This whole post just makes me smile. Good to know that you got your car last night -- we were all giggling when you didn't see us at the light. :-)

I heard someone say today that with all our technology we are now the most connected disconnected society ever. Made me think about it. People are going to have to focus and work at bringing depth into their relationships as opposed to simply texting a quick hello and thinking that's enough. (and I'm as guilty as them all!) Sigh.

Love you!

Diane Muir said...

You know, they said the same thing about e-mail. How it was so much more disconnected than actually writing a letter. We can either control technology or let it control us. A quick hello is more than I've ever been able to give most of my friends because of distance. I'm just glad for the ability to connect at all with some people I'd thought lost forever.