Thursday, June 11, 2009

Things I've Discovered

Things I’ve noticed while traveling through Iowa.

* The speed of my driving is in direct proportion to my level of frustration. As I drove to Des Moines to try to deal with my Blackberry Breakdown, I discovered myself driving across Highway 175 at nearly 70 mph. I generally try to stay within 5 miles of the speed limit, yet I ouldn’t bring myself to slow down. I was fortunate that the roads were clear. By the time I got to I-35, I simply set the cruise control at 74 mph and forced myself to calm down.

* A “Prairie Area” in Iowa is not a rest area, even though the signs are similar. The sign said, “Rest Area – 2 miles.” I was focused on other things (broken Blackberry – yes it was predominantly on my mind) and took off at the next exit wih a blue directional sign. What? No bathrooms? No telephone? No wireless internet? Umm .. I don’t really want a walking trail – what the heck? Ok, now Iowa has designated “Prairie Areas.” This has to be something new. And while it is cool, it was a little startling. And the rest area was up in another mile or so.

* Iowa is seriously spending money on road work. WOW! Orangecones everywhere. There arecompanies that make these things that will not go out of business soon. And if you want a good job, I’m betting you can find one there. Interstates are under construction, state highways are under construction. I also have to say that there are very interesting people working on the construction crews in Iowa. If you’re one of them and take exception to my comment, then I need to escort you to Highway 175 and allow you to spend time with some of the strange men and women I encountered while being the only driver waiting for the Pilot Car to escort me through the construction zone.

* Wind Turbines. Theseare going up so quickly you can hardly breathe! Every single time I have been on the Insterstate, I have seen the arms for these turbines traveling throughout the state. Whilemany may question the need for these, I find them incredibly fascinating and cant imagine that they aren’t good for what is going on in our world today. This comment does not require a discussion …

* Casey’s is everywhere. I remember when these first started popping up in the 70s. I think it’s pretty cool that the company is still around and has continued to invest in the communities in Iowa. It’s nice to know that I can drive into a small town, find a clean bathroom and get a bottle of water to go. Unless, the bathroom has an Out of Order sign on the door. Then, I am simply frustrated.

* I love watching the different products crossing the state on semis. I love seeing the different branded trucks as they haul products from place to place. Sometimes I get a little frustrated when I am the only passenger vehicle in a long line of vehicles … they are all bigger than me and it’s a bit intimidating. But, for the most part, it’s good to see the rigs on the road.

* I love this state. I love the small towns, I love the beauty of the fields and the rolling hills. I love driving on highways and having everyone offer the “Iowa-wave.” Whatever hand is at the top of our steering wheel, lifts in a small wave to acknowledge that both of you are in the same place at the same time.

* I love being away from the city, leaving the crime and the crazy busyness of that life behind. I thought for years that I was made to live in the city, I had forgotten what my life was before I got there. I was made for small-town Iowa and I will find my way back there one day.


Bad Monkey said...

keep traveling, good blogging :)

and... I couldn't agree more about Iowa...

Rebecca said...

already enjoying the observations this is going to be a delicious getaway for us all!! I have never heard of Prairie Areas before ... interesting! Enjoy!!!

Fran said...

funny.......I always thought that was the Northern Minnesota wave...Glad you had some nice travels.
love ya girl!