Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday morning randomness

I have a few minutes before I have to leave for church, so I figured I'd spend them flinging words at my computer.


Sometimes it's tough being a girl. I get tired of all of the responsibility of putting myself together so that I can be in public. This morning I was putting on mascara and managed to poke myself in the eye. Well, of course that caused my eye to convulsively slam shut and spread mascara all over myself. Fortunately, it's not waterproof mascara and I got the cleanup done in a relatively reasonable amount of time.


My Blackberry is back. Well, it's new and it's back. At least I'm connected again. So, I can text and email and message and Twitter and Facebook with the best of you again. Whew! Actually it was one of the first things I did on Friday when I drove into town. I didn't want to waste any more time on that stupid, cheap Nokia phone that I had purchased in Des Moines.

Now really, though - that phone is way cool for what it is. $20.00 at Walgreens and you can get yourself a phone number and a chance to talk and text. Buy minutes for the thing and it will do all that you really need. I'm going to leave it in my car and have it available for the next emergency. What a great idea.


I'm speaking this morning at Living Grace Lutheran again. I really enjoy this kind of teaching. I learn plenty and I enjoy sharing what I learn with others. Today I will use Exodus 3 as the scripture. When God calls us and we don't feel like we can do what He is asking us to do, this chapter reminds us that it's not about us - it's all about God being the "I AM."


My friend, Alison's father died on Friday. The funeral is on Tuesday. Death is such an interesting transition. We dread the loss and anticipate the freedom from suffering. As Christians, we have so much comfort in knowing that death is not the cessation of life, but simply the step that takes us into eternal life. I can't imagine living any other way.


Having a Kindle is probably the coolest thing I have EVER done. I downloaded a bunch of free books yesterday. Science Fiction writers figured it out pretty quickly. If they can hook you with a free book that is the beginning of the series, they have a really high probability of getting you to buy their next books in the series.

I wish that non-fiction authors would figure out that they need to be just as erudite in their writing and make things interesting for people to read. I downloaded a couple of books for information's sake and sometimes it only takes a few pages for me to want to nod off and go to sleep. But, I want the information so I plow through. I just can't believe that it needs to be boring just because it isn't fiction.


Alright, I've spent enough time here, I need to put my shoes and socks on (my socks and shoes on?) and get going.


Rebecca said...

Mascara pokage is never fun..OUCHIE! I'm getting ready to give up my Google phone and I do not think I can do it without some kicking and screaming on my part!!!
Hope today went great I'm sure it was wonderful... it always is when it involves the Great I AM and Diane!!! hehehe if you were a soft drink that should be your tag line!!! xoxoxoxo

Cayla said...

i always do that mascara-jab thing. and i'm with you on that--it's a royal pain most of the time.
(however, you are smarter; i always make the mistake of buying waterproof, just in case i cry while makeupped. just another girly thing, i guess.)

thinking of and praying for Alison and her family. she is wonderful--we didn't get many opportunities to talk during my time at FWW last summer, but what i knew of and from her assured me that she is wonderful. and so connected with the Spirit! for real! she was very encouraging to me, whether she knew it or not.

i have a new blog, by the way--painfully boring, and not updated very often--but it's there, in case you needed something else to read. :)

i'll call you sometime soon...we should have lunch! :D