Sunday, September 06, 2009

Bits of Life

Well, I got the information back from my professor today on the first paper I handed in. APA standards. Blech. I have to figure out how the University of Phoenix expects papers to be formatted. Fortunately there is an add-on for MS Word that will assist me in this and the more I read, the more I understand. But ... blech. And I did not get it right on the first paper.

However, out of 200 points, I managed to get 190. He was generous with my lack of APA knowledge. I doubt that I get that grace on this next paper.

Comparative Religion is an interesting topic for me and for many of the other students in the class. We have a desperate desire to avoid sounding bigoted, but many of the class members are quite obviously Christians and we find ourselves trying our best to be open minded about beliefs in other cultures and religions.

The paper I am working on right now is on the Sacred Elements of Hinduism. Now, this is a fascinating religion. There are many gods and goddesses and many different ways to worship and actually be part of Hinduism. We see much of it in the Western world. In fact, there are Hindu temples going up all around us. One is being built on Hwy 17 in Iowa and I drive past it every time I head to the cabin. I really need to stop in and see what's up.

So, I'll turn in the paper on Tuesday or Wednesday and panic for another week regarding the grade. Yup, I'm that person.

Jim & Janet, Jacob and Carol got back from the cabin this afternoon after another period of construction. There are now walls around the shower. Awesome! Little by little we will get the cabin to a new state of perfection. Something that will last for the next 40 years. And one of these days I will actually have internet in there. When that happens, don't think for a minute that it will be easy to drag me back to civilization. A shower AND the internet. Really, what more could a girl ask for? Well, maybe better heating and air conditioning ... but ... ok.

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