Saturday, February 06, 2010

Big Dreams

This morning as I was puttering around, I thought about where my life has been and where I'm going.

I tend to drift back and forth between breathless anticipation, palpable terror and lukewarm apathy. I've learned a lot about patience, but sometimes I feel useless I wonder what it is that I can qualify in my past as having been a good (and successful) idea.

Now, I move past those negative feelings as quickly as possible, but they are still there in the back of my mind, ready to jump out and smack me whenever I give them a chance.

I can hardly wait for the next part of my life to begin. The dream of getting my Master's Degree at Asbury has been in my heart for at least 25 years.

It occurs to me as I write this that until a dream becomes a goal, it is insubstantial. Nothing will come of it and it will rattle around inside me until I go crazy! I could tell this was happening to me last year when I realized that I had the opportunity and the time to head back to school and began to process on the how. I couldn't get anything nailed down in my head, so I was creating all sorts of scenarios - none of which seemed to be solid.

God must have finally gotten weary of my blathering mouth and my pleas for discernment because it seemed like it was out of the blue when I saw an ad for Asbury in a random location and decided to try one more time, hoping they had expanded their online education. They had! My 25 year old dream could become reality. All I had to do was begin the process.

I think about the big dreamers of the world and how they have changed things for millions of people because of their dreams. They moved those big dreams into goals and began working through a process to make them come true.

If all I do is dream little dreams and let them remain as vapor in my thoughts, I will end up doing nothing. I dream big dreams, think big thoughts, have grand ideas! And I will do all I can to make them a reality.

Will you play with me along the way?

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