Thursday, February 25, 2010

Learning = Happiness

I think I used up all my words today. I seem to have run out. This blog has been open for about 3 hours with absolutely nothing written in it (until now, of course).

Today was spent pretty quietly, except for the rustle of turning pages, the clicking of keys on the computer and the occasional, "Leica, do you want to go outside?" Most of the day I was either reading and trying to comprehend all of human history (ok, just the Middle Ages for today) and then get portions of it posted to my God in History blog. I like to be able to write a week's worth at a time.

I finally finished those blog entries and then went to work on the Pour Out a Blessing blog. I will finish those entries tomorrow. There is only so much that one brain can process in a day! Maybe I'm hoping that by exercising my brain like this, I'll be a little more prepared when it comes time for me to study like a crazy woman these next few years.

There was an article I read last week (I'll never be able to find it, sorry) that said people are happiest when they are learning. That doesn't necessarily mean that people are happy when they're in school. I can think of a million reasons why that isn't true, but when we learn, we gain great satisfaction. That is definitely true for me. I love to learn. Last fall, when I took two Comparative Religion courses, I was truly happy. Oh, I whined and complained about the circumstances of the learning sometimes, but actually taking in information thrilled me!

While I'm reading all of these Christian history books and searching out deeper information regarding the periods of history that I'm pushing through, I become entranced with the learning. It's a good thing I have the blog to pour that information into, because otherwise I would probably be calling everyone just to share what is happening in my mind. Learning and teaching go hand in hand for me.

I've tucked away my books for the evening, placed the pencils back in the mug, flipped the cover closed on my notepad and closed the Microsoft Word documents. I'll take the dog outside one more time (turning on all the lights so that the animals that howl out there know I'm dangerous - or something) and then close my brain down for the night.

I will sleep well. My mind has been satisfied today, filled up and then poured out. I love these days.

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