Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Plan is in the Works

I'm tired. Woke up at 4:30 this morning and never really went back to sleep. Then I didn't get any caffeine in me until after 1:30 and it wasn't nearly enough. I've learned that when I travel - even if it's driving three hours through Iowa - I dare not drink caffeine or I will stop every 30 minutes.

I plan to head out this evening with friends to hear one of my favorite bands (Thousand Houses) play, but that show doesn't start until 9 pm and I KNOW I'm going to be wiped out by the time I get home to sleep. So, I've done a minor injection of Diet Mt. Dew and hopefully will be able to stave off the old-age sleepies until I can crawl under the blankets later tonight.

When I got home today, I had a couple of boxes of books waiting for me. Even with my Kindle and my amazing Bible research software (which integrates hundreds of books into a search program), I still absolutely LOVE new books. One of the things I miss the most since I got my Kindle is the amount of time I would spend in bookstores. Oh, I know I could go in and wander around, but it just isn't the same. Part of the joy was finding an amazing book and knowing that it was going home with me. Walking out of a bookstore with a large bag of books was pure joy for me!

My six-month project has already begun. I realized that one of the other great learning projects that I had put on the back burner of my life was an in-depth study of the Twelve Disciples. I wasn't sure what it was I would do with the information I gathered on them, but I think I have a pretty good idea now. The first month (at least) will simply be culling information from the books and commentaries that are already out there. To be honest, there aren't that many available. I had 3 in the house, found 3 more for my Kindle, and was able to order 5 others. After that ... the inventory is pretty spare.

This isn't going to be another blog. Hopefully the ideas that I have tucked away in my little brain will build some type of book / publication from this. If all goes as I think it might, it will be a fairly unique look at those twelve men. Unless, of course, someone else gets the same grand idea and manages to publish something. That would make me growl and no one likes it when I growl.

I started pulling notes from the books that already existed in my library last week and I tell you what, this is my passion and my love! There's nothing better for me than digging into a text and learning all that I can.

Don't be surprised, if over the next few months, a lot of information about these twelve guys gets dropped into conversations and blog posts. They're probably going to consume me for awhile. I also know that I'm going to fall in love with each of them as I get to know them better. I've been focusing on Simon Peter this week and so far, he is just the coolest guy ever! So real, so filled with humanity and so desperate to be a better man. I like him a lot.

I'll let you know which of them intrigues me the most. But, I'm excited to have a focus and to be started already. It's going to be a fun six months!


Dianna said...

Diane, that is so awesome! I have been collecting info. in notebooks for a couple of big projects, and I can't wait until I have the time to delve into my first project. I pray that God reveals many truths to you over the next few months that you will be able to share with us.

Rebecca said...

So when you are looking for information on whatever subject how do you know where to even begin? Do you have standard forms of reference usually or do you just do a general search on whatever subject?

I guess I'm just baffled at how you find these books all the time... I am certainly searching in the wrong areas...I've been trying to find in depth books about the women in the Bible and most that I find are speculative at best with little real history or background...

teach me oh wise one will you!!!
love you and your brain... and still covet your kindle!

Diane Muir said...

Rebecca - I have to read through a lot of garbage to pull out the good information. I haven't dug into all the books I purchased, but I'm guaranteed that a couple of them will be worthless.

However, as I did a search for 'women in the bible' on, I saw several that looked like they might have some good information for you.

One of the things I look for is all of the Biblical references so that I can start the research myself.

The other thing to look for is Biblical commentary on the book of the bible where you find her story. There's always some good information in there, too.

Maybe that's why we're called to write these things - to help build the library of information! :)

Rebecca said...

Ahhh as silly as it sounds I did not think of looking at commentaries for the portions of the Bibles where her stories were told...Good info and a good reminder that I guess I have to dig through some garbage to find the gold.... persistance and tenacity seem to be my words for the year so far... maybe I need to just press through a little bit more... thank you!!!!! love you bunches xoxoxox