Monday, March 15, 2010

Is God Big Enough?

Is God big enough?

Is God big enough to love you and the guy who flipped you off in traffic the other day?

Is God big enough to have created beauty in various forms? A glorious sunset and a child with Down's Syndrome?

Is God big enough to forgive a murderer and a gossip?

Is God big enough to have brought forth life by creation and by evolution?

Is God big enough to love an American evangelist and a child born in the mountains of Tibet who might never hear His name spoken?

Is God bigger than politics, wars, religious denominations, differences in doctrine or belief, petty disagreements?

Is God bigger than your sin?

Is God big enough to see past your blustering mouth to the heart within?

Is God big enough to desire that every person since the beginning of time spend eternity with Him?

Is God big enough to find a way to draw us close to His perfection?

Is God big enough?

If God is big enough ... why do we try to limit Him according to our small minds?

We curse the guy who flipped us off. We question the reason for Down's Syndrome. We execute murderers and promote gossip. We loudly argue creation vs. evolution. We buy books and tapes of American evangelists and decide that Hindus and Buddhists are going to hell. We promote our beliefs in politics, denominations, doctrines and disagreements so vociferously to ensure that others know just how wrong they are. We condemn sin in others while failing to see it in ourselves. We are afraid of being tenderhearted because someone might hurt us, so we hurt them first. We decide whose name is written in the Book of Life based on our interpretation of scripture. We forget that God's Son was sent to redeem the world, not just those who are similar to us.

God is big enough. Bigger than we can imagine.

We are made in His image. He calls us to open our minds to love like He loves.

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Rebecca said...

so this post was so good for me today (I'm catching up finally)... I have been thinking about this alllll weekend... this very concept and here you are writing about it... looove it!