Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What is your superpower?

Last night I watched as a Twitter cohort commented throughout a Webinar by one of my (now) favorite authors, Seth Godin.

(I'm going to just interject right now - that last sentence cracked me up. 10 years ago it would have made absolutely no sense to me. What changes we have seen!)

Seth Godin calls himself an agent of change. He calls us out on our low-level expectations and less than possible lives. We don't have to live lives of dreary compromise. No matter what we do during the day, no matter where we work, we make the choice as to whether or not our lives are filled with hope and expectation or we're just getting by with minimal input. This isn't the choice of our boss, our family, our spouse, our friends. Our life attitude is our own choice.

I probably find myself drawn to his writing because each day he expects something great to happen and he encourages everyone to make changes regularly so that great things can happen.

Anyway ...

In the burst of tweets coming from this Webinar, one theme struck me - mostly because I wasn't able to answer the question.

What is your superpower?

A superpower is something your friends would agree you are good at. It's the thing you do well that people seek you out for.

I still don't have a concise answer to this question. I am beginning to identify what it is that my friends ask me to do regularly and the things that I love doing for them, but I haven't been able to break it down to a superpower.

Can you? What is your superpower?


Dianna said...

I took the quiz you recommended on FB and it said that I am a caretaker, which actually makes perfect sense.

Rebecca said...

Is walking encyclopedia a superpower because that is you alllll daayyy long... but I would add encourager and giggler...
Seth Godin is a name that keeps popping up in circles around me I am actually thinking of getting his book Linchpin just because I have heard great things about it. As far as superpower I am definately going to chew on that... is there a field for parable writing procrastinators? heheheeh xoxoxox

Diane Muir said...

Rebecca - get the book. yah ... get the book. You'll love it. As for parable writing procrastinators ... hmmm, we'll have to come up with a good name for that! ;)

Cayla said...

My superpower is EATING!
No, I'm kidding.
Gallup StrengthsFinder gave me some idea, but I took that a few years ago. I'm not sure, either.

I know that you have to see and understand your own superpower, but I'd say that one of *your* many strengths is contributing wise, straightforward, helpful input. (Speaking of Input, was that one of your Gallup-identified strengths, if you've done that inventory?)

Diane Muir said...

Cayla, my strengths are so ME! It's absolutely hilarious. Yes, Input. Ideation, Intellection, Learner and Relator are the others in my top five. To a freakin' T this thing understood me. (hehe)