Friday, May 29, 2009

Extroverted Hermit?

I was up early this morning, feeling as if there is much I need to accomplish today. I'm not sure if any of it will be done by the end of the day, but one can only hope!

It's been an interesting week. Max left last Thursday to spend a few days with his sister and brother (and sister-in-law) at his brother's house in Michigan. He was supposed to be back yesterday, but torrential rains didn't allow him to do much photography and when I talked to him on Tuesday he was pretty disappointed with the whole thing. So, a few changes to reservations and he had the freedom to stay a little longer.

While I thoroughly enjoy the peace and quiet of the house, last weekend was difficult. It is always difficult for me to readjust to having no one around. Last weekend nearly killed me! My sister was out of town, my brother and his family were out of town, several friends were out of town. Talk about feeling alone! But, I lived through it and after a few days, readjusted to the new patterns and rediscovered how much I appreciate the peace and quietness of being alone.

I was talking to a friend about personalities and, though he is always around people, tests as an introvert. I have always tested as an extrovert, yet there is an innate desire in me to be alone. Part of that need and desire is the way that I apply my creativity. When I have too much input from the outside, I am easily distracted and focus on that over my own thought processes. It's difficult to think creatively when I am on the go and doing a million things.

But, I like to be around people ... I like hanging out with my friends and I tend to choose to do those things rather than read/research or write. This last year has been amazing as I've actually had time to rediscover the joy that comes with quiet. At the same time, though, I've found it easy to distract myself with conversations and time with friends.

Who ever heard of an extroverted hermit? Well ... I guess that's me. Go ahead, ask me to go to lunch, I'll probably say yes. At some point, I'll panic and realize that I have a lot of things to get taken care of. Then, I'll simply hole up for awhile and hide again.

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