Saturday, May 02, 2009

Office Supply Love

I get happy about the weirdest things. If I haven't waxed long and poetic before about office supplies, I'd be very surprised. I actually salivate when I'm looking at pens and paper.

The one thing that I miss about Insty-Prints is the immediate fulfillment of all paper needs and desires. When Max and I had to actually purchase a ream of paper the first time, neither of us quite knew what to do with ourselves!

I haven't given into the addiction in nearly a year. Yes, for nearly a year I stayed out of Office Depot. That is some kind of hellish control going on. But, I needed envelopes in a bad way. I've gotten tired of sending payments to people in invitation size envelopes. It was embarrassing.

So, off I went, with a little spring in my step and happy in my heart.

Hmmm ... I need some perforated business card stock so that I can create flashcards for Greek. Whee! Oh, and I really miss having actual card stock in the house. Yup, there's a package of that. Now, hurry back to the pens aisle because I can hardly wait!!! Ahhh ... yes, that's better. Oh look at those shiny mechanical pencils. I want that. I wonder what kind of container I can get for 3x5 cards. I love 3x5 cards. White ones, colored ones, cards in folios, any kind of 3x5 cards. And look how cool that is! I can slip cards in there and a piece of elastic wraps around and contains them. And it's pretty burgundy. Thank you very much. Now, let's look at lined paper. There is never enough lined paper in my world. Hmmm ... I wonder why mom never let me just buy composition books. We always had to have loose paper or coil bound notebooks. Oh, a composition book is making me smile! Yea!!!

Let's see, now why did I come in here? Oh, yah! Envelopes. Wow. Look at all the envelopes. I do not need 250. I really don't even need 100. Wow, would you look at the invitation sized envelopes and the ... no, stop. You just need some business envelopes. No, you don't need the peel and seal and you don't need security lining. There. 40 envelopes just for you. Good girl.

See the checkout counter? It's time to go. Hurry before you get distracted again.

Success. I love paper and pencils. Almost as much as I do anything else. I know you are smiling to yourself as you read this because you recognize the same love in your own heart for these little tools of creativity.


Rebecca said...

More true than you know!!! You are such a kindred spirit!!!!

Fran said...

really, no Amazon?

I am a bit startled by this (and insanely jealous that you went without me!).

I do so love that pen ailse!

Diane Muir said...

Fran, I almost called you. I really did.