Friday, May 08, 2009

Mobile community

Last Sunday, I posted a blog "Dead in a Ditch" after I couldn't reach Max when I thought he was supposed to be home.

His cell phone was in the process of giving up the ghost and it was time for both of us to deal with an upgrade. Off I went to the online Alltel store to see what was available.

Oh ... yearn ... Blackberrys. Oh ... YEARN!

Max and I had talked a lot about upgrading to something with a data plan, but we didn't think it was necessary. And it looked to be significantly more money each month.

Here we were, though, wondering about it. Hmmm ... maybe?

Alltel's website sucks. You can't be logged in to the site and actually place an order for phones. If you try to order a phone online, you get stopped at the point that they require you to order a data plan. Well, if you already have a plan in place due to existing contracts and simply want to upgrade the plan ... that isn't an option. Which means that most web users would try to use the link to log in again, which kills the order page and you start over. The insane circle of web baloney sent me to bed Sunday night with no clear option in front of me.

Not to be undone, though, I got up early Monday and called customer service. While Alltel's website sucks, their customer service was awesome. Within 30 minutes, I had purchased two Blackberrys (to be delivered by Wednesday) and upgraded the plan. Whew!

Wednesday ... UPS drives into the alley behind the house. Before he is out of his truck, I have flown down the stairs and am standing outside the back door. They're here!

Let's just say that Max and I are having a blast! Why didn't we do this earlier? I have no idea. But, I've done it now and I never have to be disconnected from my friends online ever again! Text me, call me, message me, email me, twitter me, facebook me ... I can find you no matter where I am.

You know ... community happens in the weirdest places. When I am physically far away from people, I certainly like being able to communicate with them anyway.

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