Saturday, May 30, 2009

Good day

Well, today ended up being a little different than I had planned. I actually planned for a quiet, lazy day. Not that I haven't had plenty of those this last week, but didn't think too much would happen today.

Until this evening when I got fed up with the amount of stuff hanging out in my study. When we moved the computers in here last fall, I didn't really finish what I wanted to do. There was a metal bookshelf filled with books that have long since been unnecessary and I really wanted to bring my beautiful hickory bookshelf up to hold the few research books that I want to keep. But, wow, was this going to take an incredible amount of work!

I finally gave into the overwhelming desire to just finish the task this afternoon. I brought the boxes up that I've been saving for the task and began filling them and hauling them downstairs. As soon as the Jeep comes back into my possession, it will be loaded and driven to Goodwill. I hauled the metal bookshelf down, brought the hickory shelf up and moved all of Max's books into a bookshelf in the bedroom. He told me that I could NOT get rid of his photo portfolio books. I didn't think that was a big deal until I realized how many of those we actually own. Whoa!

Now, how does a young, broke girl build easy/quick bookshelves? Bricks, 1x8s and 1x10s and a few concrete blocks, plus a gallon of black paint. Yup ... these still exist in my house. But, now they are no longer in the form of bookshelves, they're just annoying parts hanging out where they shouldn't be hanging out. I hauled concrete blocks out the back door for a future trip to the cabin and after about 20 trips up and down the stairs, I finally have the study approaching something closer to my hope.

Poor Leica had to hide, she was concerned about all of the trips up and down the stairs, especially when it involved banging a metal bookshelf around a little bit.

When I was much younger, some of the greatest joys I had were when I rearranged furniture and made the old look fresh and new. I kind of got myself in a funk here with so much furniture and so much stuff, there was really only one way to place things. It's nice to continually rid myself of this excess stuff (I have years of ridding myself of excess ahead of me - trust me, it's been a long 15 years of accumulation). But, the process just keeps happening and little by little everything will finally go away.

I asked a long time ago - do you know anyone who wants a really nice set of Department 56 Christmas Village pieces? Really ... anyone?


cody said...

no Christmas pieces for me, but I'm always up for free stuff when you do start unloading again! :)

Diane Muir said...

Dang! (hehe)

Alright, I will let you know! Especially when I start packing out the rest of my library.

Unloading is happening this summer again. Time grows short! Those ten years God gave me are going to pass in no time!