Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A good deed and a bit of entertainment.

Sometimes a good deed gets a girl a lot of entertainment!

I realized that there was no 'chocolate' in the place.  At least nothing that I could just jam into my mouth.  So, time to make the cookies!  I had just enough ingredients to whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies and I did.  Because I like them to happen quickly, I make the bars - and I love those chewy things.

As I pulled the pan out of the oven, guilt tried to take over.  What in the world would I do with all of these except eat them?  Who needs that?  Since I have to go in and take a proctored exam on Thursday, I figured I would take a batch to Sue and Ralph, but that still leaves me with too many.

Wait!  There are some hard working guys working on the bridge.  It was lunch time and I'd bet nearly anything they wouldn't mind some warm, chocolate chip bars.  I packed them up, got in my Jeep (too wet, windy and cold to walk this) and headed over.  The large equipment was running and there wasn't a soul to be seen anywhere.  Hmmm ... a pickup truck down in the park.  Since it was 12:30, it had to be a lunch break and I was gonna check it out.

I pulled into the park, walked toward the truck.  No one stirred.  No one at all.  I got up to the truck, raised my hand to knock on the window - kind of waved ... nothing.  They were sound asleep!  Three of them.  Lunch break - nap time, whatever.  I wasn't getting anything.  And I couldn't bring myself to wake them up.

I came back to the cabin and then started to worry.  Oh, I hoped they were sleeping and not dead.  Well, surely by 1:15 they would be ready to go back to work and I'd be safe waking them.  So ... back I went.  I didn't see much movement, but by the time I got to the truck time (I was going to sound an alarm if they didn't respond), they were chuckling and opened up to me.

"Hey guys - I'm glad to see you're alive!"  Yup, they laughed.  I told them who I was and what I had for them.  Are there any young men out there that don't like homemade chocolate chip cookies? 

Next time I'll wait until after the 1:00 hour.

I had cookies for them, for me, for my friends as a thank you and all was good.  I hope I haven't stopped them from napping over their lunch hour tomorrow.  But, I'll bet they think about it before dropping off to sleep! :)

Now ... back to studying Greek and the rest of the insanity.

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