Sunday, October 03, 2010

It's early, I'm ready for bed!

Let's see - 8 pm and I'm pooped!  I need to go to sleep.  This has been a bit of a crazy day and I don't know that I can fully identify every reason for it.  But, it started at 4 am when I woke up after having a bloody, horrifying dream.  I can't remember it at all, but I do remember waking up being a bit shaken.  Oh, trust me, it was some mystery or something that I was trying to solve ... but, it shook me up enough to fully wake me for a couple of hours.

Now, this early morning comes after a great (long) evening spent at Carol's house.  Nothing like having your sister recognize that you have nothing to do on a Saturday evening and invite you over.  ... to grade papers.  Lots and lots of papers.  I'm such a sucker.  I keep telling her that I'm the good sister.

This morning, since I now have the freedom to attend worship wherever I like, I decided to head back to Faith-Westwood and check out their new pastor.  I've been hearing good things and I wanted to see for myself.  So, I checked the website for worship times (because, crazy at it might sound, I had forgotten in the last two years).  And I know I'm not stupid, but for some reason I got it into my head (after checking the website) that worship was at 9:30.  It seemed weird, but hey, I'll do whatever ...

At 8:45, I thought that it seemed a bit off and checked the site one more time.  Ummm ... no ... 9:00!!!!  Hello, get moving ace.  I hauled myself out of here and hurried down the highway.  I was gonna be so late.  Found a parking place, dashed into the worship center and found some great old friends and slipped into the seat.  Eva looked at me and said, "Vikki's sitting there."  I looked around and didn't see Vikki anywhere.  The confusion must have shown on my face, her sister saw it and moved everyone down to leave room for the missing Vikki.  I settled in for the service, a little distracted as I was trying to see the entire room and find out who was there.  I haven't seen some of these people for a long time!

Then Vikki showed up and my sitting in her place confused her as well.  She walked past me twice, looking for her seat.  After the sermon and the introduction to communion, Vikki started looking around strangely.  When I asked if I could help, she said "I'm dizzy and don't feel well."  Then she asked me to get the man in front of us to help her get to the foyer.  I did, he did and I settled back.  Then an usher showed up asking if I was Paula.  Nope, I'm not Paula ... I'm pretty sure that I'm Diane. 

Vikki was quite ill and the rescue squad had been called.  I moved into the foyer with her keys, the elusive Paula was found and chaos hit the foyer with everyone moving in to help.  I was able to greet a few friends, but before I realized what was happening, my brain had decided that the chaos and noise was too much and had escorted my body back to my car and I drove off without seeing everyone that I had planned to see.  I'm guessing that there has been too much peace and quiet in my world.

(Vikki is ok - a bad case of food poisoning with embarrassing eruptions!)

Mindlessly I drove home, called my sister to tell her of my craziness for the morning.  I had an 11:30 am lunch engagement which I had planned thinking that church would get out at 10:30 and I'd have a few minutes to chat before heading further west.  But, I got home with time to deal with the dog, get my bearings again and drive back for lunch.

After that, Max was home from his excursion to southwest Iowa (pictures here).  I've spent a bit of time working through parsing Greek nouns in the 2nd Declension for a quiz I will take tomorrow and all of a sudden my poor brain has decided that it worked hard enough today and is begging to be shut down.

I'm a little concerned, though.  If my brain believes that being shut down for the night gives it permission to conjure up horrifying dreams, I'm going to need to have a chat with it.  I refuse to stop reading my mystery novels, science fiction, horror, fantasy, etc.,  Think that might have something to do with it?  Oh ... probably.  Some of these authors really enjoy describing the gory crime scenes.  Oh well ... just as I'm never bored during the day, I guess I'm never bored while I sleep!

I really think that I prefer the peace and quiet to chaos and insanity.  Don't you?

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