Monday, October 11, 2010

Not so fond of bugs

Right now I'm tired of bugs. 

It's that time of year and between the Box Elder bug

and the friggin' Asian beetle

I could find reasons to scream at the insanity of it all.

So, I just did a little bit of research and discovered that those stupid beetles are migrating right now.  The common lady bug moves into upper elevations - we like them.  The Asian beetle likes the lower elevations and is moving toward the warm.  That's my cabin, just FYI.  I haven't swept out the porch yet, but by the time I get to it, there will be a carpet of dead beetles.  Oh, and don't touch them - they stink! 

The beetles and box elders crawl up the screens until they find a hole and then make their way in.  The thing of it is - they simply don't live that long - as soon as they're in - they die, so it's just more mess to clean up. 

This is one of the nice things about throw rugs on the floor - I can pick up the rug, go outside, shake and beat it - and then sweep up the concrete.  (do you remember when they called it wall to wall carpeting?)  Well, NOT having carpeting right now is a blessing. 

Poor Carol (ok, so do I - we were cruel) remembers a time when all of us were up here and Jim and I sent her to tears because we kept tossing box elder bugs on her.  She totally freaked out about bugs.  Since they were relatively harmless, we knew we weren't hurting her, but we certainly made her crazy.  Now, she gets to deal with her own house and has to handle bugs, snakes, small rodents in the yard and all sorts of oddball things.  It stinks to grow up!

If I remember, this migration lasts for a couple of weeks and a couple of good frosts will pretty much deal with it.  But until then, I think I'll just be annoyed.

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