Saturday, April 07, 2007

I'm thankful

Today I am thankful. I suppose it might have something to do with the fact that I slept well last night and I had very little that I was required to do today. The church staff had a meeting with a potential candidate for the Director of Ministries position. That was cool. He was cool. We'll see what happens. Of course, many of us were a little nervous about implementing a new position with a stranger that would be supervising us. But, again, I am so thankful that I work in a place where God's will is as important as ours. Sure, this new position will probably be strange for us, but at the same time ... we can grow from it. I am grateful for a God that is a Creator. That means that there will always be change and none of us will ever be stagnant.

Stasis is safe ... sometimes, but there is no way that stasis will bring growth.That makes me think of the parable of the talents. The servant who was given 5 talents, invested well and doubled the investment - as did the servant who was given 2 talents. But, the one that only received a single talent, buried it. Stasis. No growth, no change ... and in that comfortable position (so he thought) he lost everything. I don't ever want to be that type of a Christian.

I don't always look forward to God bringing about change in my life. In fact, many times it just plain stresses me out. But, I do look forward to seeing what can happen with that change. I pray for that type of transformational change in our church. If change brings growth and stasis brings loss or death ... I certainly don't want to be a proponent of the status quo. Jesus messed with the status quo. He allowed himself to be crucified so that He could bring the world out of that stasis.

Tomorrow ... we celebrate the Resurrection. I am so thankful to be past this year's remembrance of the crucifixion. Oh, I know how important it is to my life, but I'm thankful to be a part of a church that celebrates the Resurrection ... new life ... change ... growth ...

I'm thankful for a God the has given me the Resurrection ... new life ... change ... growth.

Happy Easter!

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Rebecca said...

You know you brought up such a good point... and one that I have to consciously remember... that I worship a God that resurrected His Son... I tend to leave Him on the cross far too long... I tend to dwell on the pain and suffering far too long... and I tend to relize the magnitude and glory found in the Rising from the Tomb.... Yes I am Mary found weeping... looking for the living among the dead... Thank goodness He doesnt seem to ever let that get in the way of the work He is doing in my life!!! Thanks for the reminder!!