Saturday, April 07, 2007


There will be no big Holy Week blog today ... the week is over. The scriptures record only one thing between the Burial of Jesus and the Resurrection of Jesus.

Matthew 27:62-66 tells us that the chief priests were so frightened of Jesus, they went to Pilate and asked him to ensure the security of the tomb where Jesus' body lay (is it still there?). They were concerned that the disciples might steal the body. Pilate acquiesced one more time to this group of men and allowed them to post a guard at the tomb and put a seal on it.

I find that though these things are seemingly done by frightened little men, they ensured God's power would be proven when He did His thing!

This is probably why I am learning to react less and less when people do things to upset me. You see, I am learning (yes, I AM a slow learner, so this doesn't happen daily) that once God's plan is set into place, man cannot mess it up. Especially if we are praying about it regularly. So, when I think that individuals are screwing things up ... in the larger scheme of things ... they are only a small ripple.

The title of this blog is 'rested'. Ahhh ... the joy of rest. This week was a long week at work! There is a lot to do for a church staff during Holy Week. And we were doing it all. It was wonderful! I had a young man come in several days this week. Ben had the week off of school and his choice was to serve his church. That's pretty awesome.

Until ... {grin} I realized that meant that I had to supervise him! (hehehe) Did I come up with things he could do on the computer so that it would be a low threshold physically. Oh no ... I had a young man to do my bidding and it was time to rearrange the workroom / volunteer room. He hauled stuff to the dumpsters, he re-did all of the pew pads, he arranged the new brochure racks for me. But, the thing is ... I was planning on doing these things later ... not now. I had my butt run ragged by an 18 year old! "Diane, if you get this done, I can finish this project." "Diane, do you have the brochures done yet?" "Diane, come look at this and see if I have it done the way you'd like it to look."

Oh my goodness! He emptied one closet, three large metal cabinets, dragged those three cabinets around into useful locations, filled them so they would be properly used and did so much more!

By Friday night, though, I was exhausted. I worked with him on all of that and did everything I needed to do to get mailings out, bulletins printed, etc., etc. I completely messed up things on the mailings. Whoops! My brain was working too fast, and obviously was not working fully engaged.

I got home last night with takeout from The Greek Islands and I crashed. I fell asleep by 7:45 or so, woke up at 9:30 and posted my Holy Week blog. I was asleep again by 1:00 am, and with one short panicked interruption by a doggie who had to go outside badly at 6:00 am, I slept until 10:00 this morning! REST! I got amazing, wonderful rest.

My body barely moved last night. In fact, the joints in my toes were tired! I tell you that because I noticed that they hurt! (hehe). But, this morning, I feel great. Rest is so important and I am so thankful for my weekends so that I can bring my body back to normal after wild, exciting, fabulous weeks.

I wonder if the disciples rested after the crucifixion. Did they stay up late talking about everything that they had experienced. Were they reliving their memories of times with Jesus, or were they so exhausted from lack of sleep that they just crashed into their beds? Remember, most of them had gotten no sleep the night before either. I only hope that they had enough presence of mind to know that God was bigger than man's plans and could allow their hope to rest in the God of creation and the God of their fathers.

That's my hope for today. That we all know that God is bigger than our plans and our hope should rest in the God of creation and the God of our fathers!

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