Saturday, April 21, 2007


Words are ephemeral. Words can be filled with meaning. Words can be meaningless. Words can hurt and destroy or words can build up and encourage. There's a lot of scripture given to discussing the proper use of words.

Have you ever taken the time to read any of the spam that comes through containing random words and phrases strung together. It's hilarious! Every once in awhile, I'll take a moment to read through one of them to see what comes up.

'yes; come tomorrow. but if i can't, don't grieve, rose. i'm no loss to anyone, and perhaps thing. then the sight of the bicycle boy struggling with jack, who on all-fours this time, with a new sort of tail and long ears. a 'yes; come tomorrow 'yes; come tomorrow this and that together, and taking various trifles into the account, and flowers for her nose. a stray sunbeam; the baby voice telling sweet, unintelligible stories a stray sunbeam; the baby voice telling sweet, unintelligible stories. the needs, virtues, and failings of those nearest us. love should friends shy little beth had made. and cut the bread and butter interests almost entirely,

Those words make absolutely no sense, but they want to! I want them to! So, I read them and try to create an interpretation in my mind. I try to force it to make sense. But, alas, I'm not sure who the bicycle boy with a new sort of tail and long ears might be. He's on all fours ... struggling with a jack. No ... try as I might, it makes no sense.

I wonder about how my words sound to God. Fortunately, God knows my heart well enough to listen past my words. When I talk to God I try to actually hold a conversation with Him. but, that requires more than words from me. It requires me to interpret my surroundings and concentrate on what is coing out of my mouth and frommy heart.

I listen to people pray aloud. I cringe. They aren't holding a conversation with God. They are simply presenting a litany of their thoughts before Him. There was an excellent article in Christianity Today "Father Weejus". Have you ever caught yourself saying those words to God? "Father, we just gather together to bring these needs before you. Father, we just believe that You can make all our dreams come true and heal our bodies and our souls ... " Oh, it goes on and on.

But, even as I write these words, I realize that God is listening to their hearts as well as their words. The only one being truly offended by this is probably me.

Prayer is a privilege. It is also something we take for granted. God gave us access to the throne, to the altar in the throneroom through our prayers. When we lift them before God as true cries from the heart, when we offer our adoration, praise and thanksgiving to God, when we cause our words to actually engage the Creator of the Universe rather than toss banter at Him because we like the sound of our own voice ... words become more than we can imagine.

God created the Word! He says "I am the Alpha and the Omega." He is the first letter of the alphabet, the last letter of the alphabet and every single letter in between. The Word was made flesh in Jesus Christ. God spoke creation into existence - not by waving a magic wand, but by speaking WORDS! God anointed Jesus with words. God gave us words in the form of the scriptures so that we could understand His heart.

What words will I speak today? How will I use the language that is a gift from God? How will I speak to Him and when will I listen for the words that come from Him?

Words are an interesting thing to consider.


Jacqniel said...

The spam you shared sounds like a first year English student from a European country trying to write an essay. I too kept reading it trying to make it make sense. At times it is actually poetic!
I am so thankful that God can read my heart. This morning, as I tried to pray, I was so tired from my busy weekend. My mind kept wandering and I just couldn't make it cooperate. I finally just apologized and said 'You know what is in my heart and mind'. Hopefully, later, when my mind is more alert, I can try again.
Love your thoughts - Jacque

Natalie said...

Really enjoyed meeting you today!!

Rebecca said...

Well as you know I love words...big ones small ones funny ones soft ones.. and even hard ones on occasion... words strung together are like jewelry to my mind... but what I find amazing is that as much as I love words... my best prayers are those that contain none of them but only a feeling... or sense of communion with heaven...

And I have a feeling that heaven contains few words... so maybe the reason I like them so much is because i am trying to get my fill here?? who knows...

oh and by the way thanks for stringing such beautiful necklaces for my mind to wear on occasion... I love your words.. but I love your heart more!