Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Good night

I know ... it's 3 am and I should be in bed. The problem is - both Max and I have colds and we're not feeling great. It's that 'hacky, crap in the throat along with a little nasal drip' cold. And, he's really restless, even after taking Nyquil. Since he's the one that has to get up at 6:30 am to go to work tomorrow, I want him to get as much rest without me being in the bed and causing him and trouble. I tried to talk him into a sick day tomorrow and he said 'no.' Ok, fine ... I'll make it as easy as possible on you, then.

So, I did a little writing, watched "Chaos Theory" from Netflix, then decided to clean off my desk. Remember my distractions? Oh, I've got 'em. In fact, as I'm writing this, I see a few more things that could be rearranged to make life easier. And, hmmm ... I've got a huge stack of magazines I should read and toss out.

I don't know WHY I order magazine subscriptions. They seem like such a good idea at the time. The thing is, I even know this about myself and for years I refused to allow any more to come into the house! Did I simply lose my mind when I left the workplace? At what point did I think I would actually take time to read through these magazines. Ok, "Wired" was a free subscription because I ordered some electronics or something from Amazon. And "Christianity Today" was actually free because I participate in a series of surveys. But, "The Writer" and "National Geographic" were choices that I made. Oh, don't forget "Biblical Archeological Review." Yup ... ordered all of those. They're building up.

While cleaning, I was trying to wipe down my keyboard. A couple of keys had something funny on them. Oh. Huh. It's not that there's something funny on them, I have simply worn the paint off the tops of the keys. And let's see, does this mean that the shift key, the period, the 'c,' 'd,' and 'L' keys are the ones I use the most often? Because they are all beginning to show serious signs of wear.

Max tells me that keyboards should be replaced at least once a year because of all of the germs and garbage that they collect. (think about that for a few minutes and see if you don't begin to consider it.) I think that once a year is a bit too often. Actually, I generally end up killing my keyboards. The poor pathetic things can't hold up under the constant battering. There is nothing worse than a keyboard that refuses to allow you to type specific letters.

Well, that was gross. I just turned mine upside down and shook it. Don't do it unless you are exceptionally clean or really well prepared for the stuff that falls out on your desk.

Alright ... things have gotten quiet. Maybe I'll take my Kindle in and read for awhile. Hopefully I won't disturb him too badly.

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tlksimpson said...

It's your YEARS of beating the crap out of pianos! How can you expect a poor little keyboard to live up to that!? I think Max is right about replacing....but I have a feeling you have a sense of pride in wearing them out. Am I right?