Wednesday, April 01, 2009

My affections can be bought ?! Sometimes!!!

So ... I wrote an innocent blog a few weeks ago when Max and I returned from northwest Iowa. Just kinda chatting about the things we had done on our trip through the area. I happened to mention the Ice Cream Capital of the World in LeMars, Iowa.

Well, if you read the comments under that blog, you will see that someone from the PR firm for Blue Bunny asked if I would like a couple of coupons since I had missed getting ice cream while I was there. Ummm ... YES! Please! and Thank You!

They showed up today with a very nice letter (written not in email, but on stationery - hah! Who still does that?).

Talk about some customer service!

So, the moral of this story is ... take care of your customers and they will definitely root for you in the big, bad competitive world. I'm just saying.

LeMars isn't that far of a drive - we're going back one of these days and I AM getting ice cream on site!

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nebelle said...

How cool!! It is a little scary that companies have people who do nothing but search the internet every day looking for what's being said about them! When Jim was "cook of the week" his company somehow found it on the internet before we got the paper.