Monday, April 06, 2009

When in doubt

Don't hit 'post.'

The problem with a 40+ year old woman having access to immediately publishing her thoughts online is that she has access to immediately publishing her thoughts online.

You see, I get weary of angst-ridden blogs and the painful sharing of thoughts that will be replaced with normal thoughts within a short time.

I generally know better.

But, between the hormones of a 40+ year old woman (Fran, if you say a word, I will do very bad things to you) and the fact that I'm darned tired of the cold weather, I decided that I needed to whine about something incredibly insignificant in my world ... boxes. HAH. The words and thoughts sounded so deep and terribly important. Sheesh ... I'm a dork.

The only good thing about it was that I gave you a link to this blog in one of my comments.

So, when you read angst in my blogs ... I give you permission to assume that hormones prevailed in my day.


Fran said...

Really, not even one word! You are mean!
But I love you anyhow.

Bad Monkey said...

I think 50- would be more accurate than 40+...


Diane Muir said...

Look you! I warned Fran off that commentary - and now I have to worry about you? Good heavens :| (hehe)

ijustwanttoview said...

Its not 50 till its 50!

Diane Muir said...

EXACTLY!!! But, he's my YOUNGER brother and thinks it is funny.