Thursday, April 02, 2009

Random Thursday evening blathering

This has been a weird week. It's been great, but I feel kind of (hmmm) fuzzy.

I've been doing a lot of writing and studying. Working on the May Pour Out a Blessing blog right now so that I can surprise you all with some FUN!! (announcement later in the month). But because it's so much FUN, I need to be working on it right now so that it all pulls together.


The weather might be messing with my brain. I desperately want gorgeous, spring temps but I wake up to freezing temps in the morning, warming up later in the day ... I'm obviously confused by stuff.

I've actually been gone from the house a lot more this week and that always messes with my days. I count on having a long period of time to concentrate and think so that I can get my focus pulled together. When I know that I only have a few hours to get everything done, I tend to avoid the things that require several hours of focused concentration and then I'm frustrated. It's not bad ... just a different way that I'm spending this week.

Today was awesome ... I had no commitments and was able to spend a lot of time just processing and concentrating. But, this is the last day of that for awhile again, so I felt pressured to push forward a bit.

Sheesh ... I am such a hermit!


Leica is a riot. She has taken to following Max everywhere he goes. The poor guy feels like she wants something from him (like a quick trip outside), but really, she just wants to be where he is at. She has become quite used to having us around a lot. Ichabod's personality has transformed with me at home during the day, too. He is now following ME everywhere. If I go to the bathroom, he is there with me, if I go downstairs, he follows and watches from a distance (because Leica is usually tripping around my feet). When Max and Leica go to bed (yes, she keeps a close eye on his bedtime), Ichabod can hardly wait to jump in the basket beside me so that he can be close. Our animals are definitely thrilled with having us around. It's kind of cute and it's pretty wonderful.


Poor Max. I drive him crazy. You would think I'd be satisfied with the amazing cameras that he has in the house. But, honestly ... those are his cameras. I don't want to be bothered with having to think about lens caps or which lens I should be using. I don't like having this massive contraption sitting beside me all the time and if we're out messing around, I don't want to have to stop everything to dig in the camera bag and get out a camera.

So, I whined ... a lot!!! And reminded Max at every opportunity that I was missing a photo op because I didn't have a point and shoot camera. Do you feel sorry for him? You should. I was merciless.

Earlier this week I logged into Amazon and was confused by a recommendation that showed up on my home page. Based on things that I had in the cart (a pair of jeans and a pair of glasses and a moleskin journal?) it was recommending that I purchase a camera case. Errr ... what?

Poor Max had been doing research on a good point and shoot for me and found one and placed it in the cart. I WIN!!! (don't I always?) I can't wait for it to show up. My camera, my camera, my camera!!! Whee!!!


My brother told me this morning that I needed to be taken off caffeine. He might be right. But, I can't help it when I get excited about something. All I did was send him an email about these cool toys and the subject line said "COOL! COOL! COOL! COOL! COOL!" He told me he was cutting me off the caffeine. But, they're so cool! ... sigh


I took a nap at 7:30 this evening. Jealous? Yah ... baby. I had done so much reading and studying during the day, I wore my poor brain out! But, that means I'm going to be up for awhile tonight. And THAT just makes me smile. I like my nights. Things are quiet and the world around me is at peace. Yup, I'm such a hermit.

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Bad Monkey said...

lol, I love the COOL toys... but really... step away from the edge...