Monday, April 06, 2009


This is Easter week. We remember and celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ who gave His life, not just to save His friends, but to redeem all of mankind. His sacrifice was so amazing that it transformed the world.

Last night as I was skimming the news, I came across this article and everything within me wept. I understand that there is hunger in Omaha and throughout our country, but this reminder tore at me.

I told Max that I was sending money to one of the local food charities and wrote the check. The only thing that disturbs me about this is that I needed to be reminded.

How many of us go out to dinner regularly and order incredible amounts of expensive food with our friends and families? Or ensure that there is more than enough in our homes for everyone to eat. How many times have we pushed back from the table - sated.

I don't believe that we should ever feel guilty for the blessings that we have or the enjoyment of a great meal. But, I do believe that we should share those blessings. There are children in our communities that will be desperately hungry over spring break because they aren't receiving a meal at school. When a family relies on a few snacks such as those given away by CampFire in the article above, which would barely feed one child, for their weekend's food ... we have to help!

This blog won't promote any one of the huge number of food assistance programs, but if you don't have one that you support, be proactive and do a little research. They're all caring for many, many people right now and your sacrifice can bring blessings.

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