Sunday, September 05, 2010

Being happy in the mundane.

Do you ever spend time thinking about the mundane things in life that make you smile? 

This afternoon as I folded the laundry, I smiled.  There's nothing better than starting a week with freshly laundered clothing, knowing that each morning ahead of you, there will be choices in the closet - as opposed to the end of the week when you know that all you have left is the last thing you want to wear.  I smiled as I put the clothes away in the closet and drawers.

I told you that I washed my Jeep yesterday - had them detail and wax it.  Every time I walked toward it today, I smiled because it just looked so good!

My dog has been curled up beside me today in her blankets.  This morning she had herself wrapped around my legs before I got out of bed.  When I sat up, she snuggled up to me as if to beg me to stay.  When I got home from church and walked up the stairs, she was at the top landing wiggling like crazy.  I stopped a few steps down so that I could reach out to her and it was as if her entire body went into full-blown dance steps.  She was just happy to see me.  I smiled because she loves me unconditionally.

The door is open in our office.  It has warmed up a little more than I'd hoped today, so I'm not getting a cool, fall breeze, but it's still beautiful outside and I enjoy being able to watch the sky as the clouds move across.  I smile while watching the trees moving in the breeze.

There weren't a lot of people in worship this morning, but the one thing I've learned is that there don't need to be people when God shows up in our worship.  I let go of the worries about numbers and just allowed myself to join in with the worship band.  I smiled all morning as we sang and praised God. 

Every Sunday morning I run to Scooters to get a smoothie (with Red Bull in it - wow, generally really need caffeine!).  Every Sunday morning as I take the first drink I smile because it is so fabulous.

I have a few friends that are genuine and sincere encouragers.  Everything they say to me and to others is filled with words of encouragement.  I smile as I feel my cup being filled and as I watch others respond to their love.

This evening I just wanted to think back over the things that had made me smile today.  I enjoyed smiling when I did it each time and I've enjoyed remembering those smiles again.

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