Thursday, September 16, 2010

God blesses my friendships

Do you take your friends for granted?  I try not to, but sometimes I don't think that I realize how my friends care for me and love me.  Especially when I'm feeling sorry for myself! :)

The other night as I left the hospital, I was frustrated and worried.  I fell apart while I was on the phone with Carol and whined and cried.  After we finally hung up (so I could deal with getting supper), I really felt sorry for myself, acting as if I was all alone and by myself.  Oh, I'd worked myself into a crazy emotional place.

Then I got home, opened up Facebook and the messages of love and support filled my heart as I realized how there were people from all over caring about me and about Max.  Some of them have never met Max, they just cared.

By the time the nurse had called to give me the good news about Max not having surgery, I was already at peace, dealing with the stuff that I needed to deal with and handling it all.  Mostly because I recognized no matter what, I wasn't alone.

This is one of those things that I believe God really does to take care of us.  The Bible tells us that we're not alone, that He is always there with us.  Sometimes, however, I think that we forget that when the pressures of the world overtake us.  When you are sitting by yourself and there's no one around to reach out to you, it's easy to believe that 'by yourself' means 'alone.' 

Then friends step in.  Does God bless our friendships?  Absolutely.  A few words, a smile, a hug, a prayer, a touch, a phone call ... all of these things remind us that 'by yourself' doesn't mean 'alone.'  God steps in and makes Himself real to us through our friends.

Matthew 25:40 - "Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me."

When we reach out to someone ... we are acting as God's hands here on earth.  I believe this is why friendships at every level - from intimate to acquaintances - are so important. Those moments that we care for our friends are moments when God can work through us.

How difficult is it for us to encourage relationships, to make our friends understand how important they are, to watch for what they need, to ensure that they feel loved.  Because 'by yourself' should never mean 'alone.'  And even now, I still have to relearn that it doesn't.

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Anonymous said...

Matthew 25:40 - "Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me

I have told you this many times before, but you quoted the one verse from the Bible that has stuck with me more than anything else. Thank you for sharing it as a part of this post. I love you:)