Monday, September 13, 2010

What's your purpose?

I dropped into bed last night and as I reflected back over my day, I realized that I hadn't written a blog post.  I was so exhausted that as much as I love you all, I could not come up with the energy to move from that prone position.  As I lay there, I couldn't even make my brain think about anything interesting to write. 

My cell phone is on the table next to the bed.  If I come up with thoughts or ideas in the night, I can email my Evernote note account and leave myself messages and information.  At some point as I was turning over, I had a flash of something that I needed to take care of today.  I quickly went to my cell, started the email and then couldn't remember what it was.  Oh, I hate when that happens.  A flash in a second and then it is gone.  It's just not fair!  Oh, I had two other things that I wanted to ensure were taken care of today, but the one that seemed so important?  I have absolutely no idea.  I just hope that I manage to remember it before it's too late!

This morning I read Rebecca's blogpost "Desperate" and when I got finished with it, I had a memory stirred within me of a special time I had with God once long ago when He told me that His plan for me was that I teach of His love.  He didn't tell me what I had to learn to teach that, He didn't tell me exactly what words to use, He didn't lay out the plan for my life as I did this for Him, all He did was give me that impetus.

If I were to ask you what you felt God's plan for your life was, would you be able to give me a response?  It can't be something like "raise my kids" because that's something that will end.  They'll be raised and out of the house and then what will you do?  It can't be something for just one person because God doesn't actually work that way, He didn't create you for just one other person, He created you as part of a community, a family.  His plan for your life is something that given enough momentum could transform the world.  But, even without momentum, He wants you to offer enough that you can change the little parts of the world around you.

Have you ever asked God what it is that He wants from you - not just today, not just tomorrow, not just in your career or your family or your home - but from your life!  I'm going to bet that it's not that difficult.  It's not an intricate process, it's not a bold new theology.  Is it something as simple as "Show my people how to love"?

I was glad to be reminded of that.  It puts everything I am doing right now into perspective and brings me a lot of joy as I realize that no matter what steps I take in my life, my purpose is set forth and I can be filled with joy as I meet it.

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