Thursday, September 09, 2010

Three days in and I'm still alive

My life might get really boring for you - really quick!  How much excitement is there when all a person has to talk about is the same thing over and over.  For that I apologize!

Today was better ... much better, though.  I began putting into place the idea that what I was learning would become tools in my toolbox and I continued to relax throughout the day.  The second revelation I had today was that I'm really not worried about the actual classwork.  I can do that ... I just push through and make it happen.

No, what I was mostly stressed about was logistics.  I need to learn how Asbury works, I need to learn how their online process works and I need to learn how each professor handles the online experience and what their expectations are.  It seemed as if every moment I was being handed more information until I became so overwhelmed, I simply couldn't manage it.

Imagine that - Diane wants to be in control of an environment.  Sigh.  And I was nowhere near in control of what was happening to me.  A deluge of information came through the internet to my little laptop and blew me right out of the water.  It's getting better every day as I finally discover where each professor puts their little tidbits and requirements.  Yes, it would be nice for everything to be well-ordered and set up just the same.  Not gonna happen ... what was I thinking.

With that in mind, I started my morning.  At some point I realized that I could actually make changes in my learning space so that I could focus on my work rather than continuing with a level of frustration because everything wasn't where I wanted it.  As I thought more and more, I realized that since the first day I had desk space, I set my desk up in very similar ways and patterns.  Guess what - it wasn't actually that way and I was fighting that.  So, I spent a few minutes reorganizing my space and before I knew it, my brain settled in and quit running up against that block.  I could put my hand on things I needed, I could turn my chair and find my books, I could actually see with the lamps in the right place, I had space to write (because I still use a pencil and paper) where it belonged and my entire attitude was transformed.

So, I switched things around, started moving through a lot of the online forum work, discovered that there was (now - not there yesterday) a lecture I needed to watch (obviously this guy is going to post things randomly, I'll need to pay attention) and the morning was done.

This afternoon and evening I have been working on an overview of the Bible Study method.  Many of you will know it as Inductive Bible study.  Kay Arthur teaches this, but on a more consumer based level.  What I'm learning doesn't use pretty colors and little symbols, but really teaches how to dig deeply into Scripture, asking questions until you come to a full understanding.

Tonight I have finished as much of it as I am going to do without frying my brain cells.  Tomorrow morning I will get it typed in, and at that point I will edit and ensure that what I thought I wanted to say is what I'm saying.  I'll move to one of my other classes for awhile, come back and do another read-through and edit and hopefully get it submitted before I leave for Omaha.  It's not due until midnight tomorrow night, so I'm doing really well.

I had a little excitement this afternoon as I was working through the book and paper.  I thought I heard tires crunching on the gravel leading to the cabin.  Sometimes sound travels strangely here and I actually am hearing cars turning into the park across the road.  But, no ... there was actually a car in my driveway.  Now, understand that I'm alone up here ... all the time ... so, though I had clothes on, I was not presentable to the general public.  My mind raced, then my body raced to get fully decent and I headed for the front door.  Yup, it was who I thought it was.  My stepmother was here with a friend.  She's moving to Denver in October to be with her sons, so it was one last chance to show off Dad's cabin.

This has been a wild week.  Lots of ups and downs, but I'm beginning to see how I will be able to enjoy the rest of the term.  I totally dig my Greek professor.  He's going to be awesome.  The professor for my Christian Formation Course is going to expect a lot out of us, but he is so passionate about what He is teaching, I think it will be a blast.  The Inductive Bible study course is going to KICK MY BUTT!!!  He has really high expectations and there is way more to do than you can imagine when it comes to learning this stuff.  By next Friday I have to have read Matthew through twice (he says it takes 2 1/2 hours per reading) and write an overall survey of the book.  Yikes, Yikes, Yikes!  As for the New Testament course ... she went easy on us this week so that we could get to know our way around the online university.  I think that will end by next week.

Whoosh - off I go!

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Dianna Schnabel said...

Ok. Pretty sure I'm not going with the MDiv. Sounds scary! At the same time I am jealous of all that you are learning. It sounds like way more fun than the Catholic Theology classes I'm taking right now.