Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Building a Toolbox

So, last night I was in a complete panic.  I don't think I really am concerned that I can't do the work for this Master's Degree.  I'm not really even sure what it is that I'm worried about.  There is nothing here I can't do, but wow I got overwhelmed with the immense amount of work that faces me.  And I think that there is too much that is unknown to me, so that's what really scares me to death.  Until I get comfortable with the professors and their style of teaching and their expectations, I will probably be a little bit uncomfortable with everything else.

However, as I was reading one of the books today, I had a bit of a breakthrough in my head about this.  I spent yesterday with the mindset of a college student.  When I worked through my undergraduate degree, there were quite a few classes that I was required to take and really did nothing to further my knowledge base.  I need to find a way to apply the learning that I do in a practical sense - move it from esoteric learning to practical tool.

I have to write a paper on a little book called "Bible Study That Works" by Friday.  As I read the book today, I realized that this paper is not simply an exercise to create a grade for me.  It's so much more.  I am building tools that will be placed in a tool box to be pulled out and used in other courses that I'm taking and absolutely to be used in my personal life and as I write and teach.  All of a sudden things began to make sense.

Don't fear ... I'm probably going to continue to complain and whine ... a lot, especially when I start panicking again.  However, knowing that I'm not just doing the work for a professor to grade, but for my future needs, changes how I look at this process.

I tell you what ... learning how I learn is nearly as difficult as actually learning.  That's what happens when a person gets old enough to pay attention to the past, the present and the future!

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