Saturday, September 04, 2010

Pooped and a little whining

This has been a long day ... and it all started last night with my sister ... How 'bout I just start with blaming her right off the bat for the fact that I'm POOPED!

She got to the cabin last night after 10:30.  She'd told me that they might pull in a little late - like 9:15 or so.  By the time they had everything unpacked and into the cabin it was after 11:00 and at that point she reminded me that I had promised to help grade papers.  Errr, what?  But, I'm usually a couple of hours into my sleep by now!!

Whining got me nowhere, so I settled down with a Diet Mt. Dew and a bunch of papers in front of me.  By the time I made it through the first project, she had pulled out her book for the Master's program she is in this fall and was asking if I could just read through things and ensure that she was doing things right - she has her first presentation on Tuesday.  Before I knew it, we were discussing philosophy in Education - down to the nitty gritty.  And before either of us realized what was going on - she looked at the clock and said, "It's 1:45!!!"

Oh dear heavens.  I tore to the bed, grabbed my Kindle and prayed for sleep to overcome me quickly.  It didn't ... but I finally got there.  However, the Mt. Dew decided that since I'm an old lady and caffeine doesn't want to stay put in my body, it needed to wake me every hour or so to go to the bathroom.

I was none too happy when 8:15 showed up and I recognized that it was time to bring myself to some level of alert and get moving.  By 10:00 I was deliberately making noise to wake her up and get her moving.  Hello!!!  Bored here!  Wake up and chatter at me (she's good at that).

I was on the road by 11:30, hoping to get home in time for a short nap.  What is usually a 3 hour trip was stalled for over an hour by an accident on the Interstate.  Holy moley!  An hour?  You know that when it takes 12 minutes to drive 1/4 mile, this is going to be a long process and by golly, it was.  I just opened the windows and my sun roof  (hmmm, wonder if I got a sunburn on my forehead?) and meandered down the interstate.

Finally I got out of that mess and just at the point I was feeling comfortable with driving at a normal speed, I looked up to see a little white spider spinning its way from the ceiling of my Jeep to the floor - right in front of me!!!  I had no desire to be the next accident on the highway, grabbed the web above the spider - hoping to get it GONE.  The spider dropped to the floor and for the next hour or so, all I could do was feel creepy crawlies all over my body.  I have no idea where he went or what he did, but he creeped me out.

After one more hair raising experience with an idiot going 45 mph in the left lane and coming up on him fast enough to startle me (it was as if he was at a full stop!), I decided to pull off for a few minutes, grab some lunch and just re-group. I was done driving, but the driving wasn't done with me.  I still had two hours left before home!

I've never been so glad to be finished with a day of driving.  But, I did finish it with an amazing car wash and detailing at Russell Speeders on Saddle Creek.  They hand waxed my Jeep, scrubbed and polished the rims of my tires, polished my tires, washed my windows, dealt with all of the dead bug buildup - and my baby looks amazing! 

Dinner at Crystal Jade (you really, really need to go there for great Chinese food) with friends and now I'm home and plan to crash early.

I'd like to say I'm too old for this, but truth be told - I'm not.  I just like to whine a little!

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Fran said...

Whine away girlfriend, you had an interesting day and deserve to whine a bit! Loved seeing you tonight, sweet dreams.