Sunday, March 04, 2007

A Glorious Day!

I am so thankful for sunshine. Though it was forecast to be 37 degrees, it is actually 41! God is so good!

This morning I was at church early to help make sure that everything would run smoothly and though I didn't do a thing, it ran quite smoothly. Oh, I take that back! As I was sitting on the front pew, the handbell choir director came to me and asked if I played. Well, actually, I have been playing since I was about 10 years old and have spent a lot of years directing handbell choirs. Two of their members didn't show up today and they needed one more person to cover. So, I had my debut in the FW Adult Bell Choir - it was great! They are actually a pretty good choir, so it's fun to play with people who know what they're doing.

I got home and it was time to do laundry. As I was pulling laundry out, I figured it was probably time to unpack the bag that Max had taken to the hospital. I pulled out the dirty stuff and as I did, I came across the things that Max decided were important to take with him. The first thing I pulled out was a pair of "Merry Christmas" boxers. I just began to laugh and laugh. Max has many, many pairs of boxers, but he packed the "Merry Christmas" ones just for this special trip. Here's where the conversation went: "Max, who pulled out the underwear from your bag when you finally got dressed on Tuesday?" "Hmmm ... I think they did, I was out of it." "Ok ... I'm pretty sure that I specifically told you not to wear those."

Well, I was right - I had told him not to wear them, but I guess I didn't realize I needed to tell him not to pack them! The other funny thing? He packed 3 extra pairs of socks. I wonder what he thought he was going to do with that many socks, when more than likely there would be one foot that wouldn't see a sock until the middle of May! This is why these poor men need us, right?

Oh ... and by the way ... as soon as I pulled out the "Merry Christmas" boxers and started laughing at him, I told him that I was probably going to be blogging about that. He just giggled. Fortunately, my husband knows that he is a dork and I love him no matter what.

I bought the new scented Tide (Lavendar and Vanilla) to do my laundry. Max generally does laundry for us - he likes being able to contribute to the activities of the household that way. It's ok for him to be macho about it when he uses the bold red bottle of Tide. However, the lavendar color and lavendar scent was a bit too girly for him, so he hasn't let me purchase it. Well, I'll be doing laundry for quite awhile and I figure that he's going to have to put up with the smell now. I'm awfully abusive, eh? (hehe)

I think it's time for a nap. I have a lot of work to do this evening. If you're in the midwest, I hope you are as thankful as I am for the sunshine. If you're in a locale with temperatures in the 60s or 70s ... I just don't want to hear about it!

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Jacqniel said...

I know who one of the AWOL bell members was. His mom called me after church and wasn't very happy with him. He had asked her to call him to be sure he was up, she did, he said he was awake - and then never showed or answered his phone (had it on vibrate and it fell on the floor). I am not surprised that you are also well versed in the art of bells - I think you are amazing.
Thank you for the lovely thoughts from Pastor Doug's sermon - along with your additional input. You truly are a talented lady and God's face is reflected in yours. Love, Jacque