Thursday, March 01, 2007

Snow Day

I've finally discovered what causes our church office to close: lots of snow, lots of snow, lots of snow. Not just a normal snow, but a blizzard. We have a blizzard warning in effect until 6:00 this evening. I can only pray that people will stay off the streets. I am!

You know what? God proves to me over and over again how He cares for me. All I have to do is look for the blessing.

I brought Max home from the hospital yesterday afternoon about 3:30. And I quickly discovered that he was going to need a lot more immediate care from me. The failed epidural puncture is making it impossible for him to move around. The incredibly heavy cast makes it all that much more difficult. Since he is still flushing the intense drugs from his system and his body is producing antibodies to fight off the intrusion to it, all he does is sleep. He wakes up long enough to go to the bathroom, but even that requires my assistance right now. The poor guy hates putting me out like that - it goes against his basic nature, but it's quite necessary and I can care for him in whatever way is necessary.

It really concerned me that I would be leaving him today to deal with all of the things necessary in my world, and then the snow hit. I can't leave him. I have another full day to help him as he draws himself out of the anesthetic stupor. God is so good!

The only thing (and what a small thing) that is stressing me out is that all of my notes and my flash drive are at work. I can't work on the Revelation study at all today. So, what does this mean to me? I'm not sure! I have a completely free day. I can work on whatever I want to work on or read whatever I want to read. I can watch television and just relax if that's what I want to do. I'll get back to you on this.

So far this morning, I've been watching recorded episodes of one of my favorite television shows - Star Trek: Voyager. I'm a complete sci fi geek. I missed a lot of these episodes when it originally aired because I had a life and it kept intruding on my television viewing. For that I'm always grateful. But, I'm also grateful right now for my husband's tech-geekiness. I have a television card in the computer and can record shows right into my computer. That means that when Max is watching football or baseball or something weird and wild, I can be watching things that I have recorded in the past ... at my computer. And, like right now, it's playing in the background while I type and do other things. I'm not watching the video, but Max says it's like listening to an old-time radio show.

Here I am ... stuck in my home and loving it. P.S. The poor dog isn't liking this weather at all. She went out in a panic this morning and turned right around and came back in. The wind was blowing and chilling her to the bone. She finally accepted the need for a quick run to the outside, but it's going to be a struggle all day long! (hehe)

As your plans for the day have been altered, will you use them for a blessing or will you insist on rushing around like you normally do?

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