Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Why do I Blog?

Well! I got tagged outside of myspace! And because I never pass up a chance to write something down for people to read, I'll take it! And before I forget ... Rebecca ... I'm tagging you! Why do you blog.

Ok, back to it!

I've wanted to write all of my life! In fact, it was such a surge of desire going through me that I could feel it literally in my body. My hand would pick up a pen (or pencil) and be poised over a sheet of paper ... sometimes waiting for the words to pour forth! However, I could never figure out what it was exactly that I wanted to write. I've tried my hand at fiction and though I have some really fun ideas and plot lines, but I've never finished a single thing.

I really love writing about the impact that my faith has on me. That's when the tide turned for me. If I'm writing anything about Jesus Christ ... I can't stop myself. Words begin to flow out at an incredible pace.

Now, I don't know if I have anything that is so important to say that people need to read my blogs - in fact, I have no idea sometimes if anyone ever does. And, you know what? That's ok. I do love going back and rereading things I've written in the past. I see how God has helped me grow and how He has changed me.

I have found many of my mother's writings ... she was an avid writer. She died in 1987 and because her words were down on paper, I'm able to discern more about her thoughts and her life. So ...

Why do I blog? Because I love to write ... because, I love to write about how God impacts my life ... because, I love to keep a record of what is going on in my life ... and because I type faster than I handwrite. Blogging online - makes things happen quickly!


Jacqniel said...

Excellent reasons! I never thought I would like to keep a journal, but I have found my blog excellent therapy. Keep on writing, girl! Jacque

Anonymous said...

hmmm okay now you got me thinking about this one... hehhee...will have an answer asap!

And I for one am sooooo grateful that you do blog... it makes me feel like I live closer to you... and when I read your blogs I can imagine that I am sitting across from you sipping my coffee and chatting... and you teach me things that make my heart happy!

Love you!