Saturday, March 17, 2007

Up and Down

It's been a good week ... in so many ways. But, this morning all I want to do is crawl back into bed and die. I've gotten sick. Upper respiratory crap. Am I surprised? Absolutely not. I wore this old lady out! Am I annoyed? Absolutely. But, oh well.

You see, when I get sick like this, God is generally good enough to make sure it happens so that I can have a Saturday to totally recuperate. And ... here it is ... Saturday and I have to go deal with life so that we can exist for another week and then head to the school by 1:30 for the first show of the day (Beauty and the Beast) and meet some friends for supper at 5:00 and then back to the school for the second show. Yikes!

Tomorrow, I am leading worship - it's the killer day for us. The third Sunday of the month we have all of the youth choirs singing and our team leads worship. That means I'm there at 8 am (no sleeping in for me), done by noon and back to do the final show at Bryan at 1:30.

Good heavens, I'm whining! In public! On a post that the entire world can read (thank heavens they don't). But, darn it ... I guess I'm not getting enough sympathy. And the reality is, sympathy won't do me a whit of good. It doesn't encourage extra sleep . So ... don't feel sorry for me, it occurs to me that I'm doing plenty of that for myself! (hehe)

Last Wednesday was the last day of having my workday interrupted. Thursday and Friday were amazing! I was able to think and process and create and work without having the insanity of leaving pressing me to finish tasks in a hurry. You see, I do love my job and I love going in to work each morning. I was stressed having to accomplish a full day's work in 4 hours.

I've been there ... a little over a month and a half. The first few weeks were stressful because I was trying desperately to get everything into my head. Then, I had to deal with Max's surgery and the excitement with "Beauty", just as I was starting to wrap my mind around my job. The exciting thing is that on Monday when I walk in there ... I'm actually going to have a full week ahead of me that I can 'do' things. Oh ... it's going to be great.

Max is doing well. He is back to normal ... for the most part. Except for the fact that he can't walk on one leg. He thumps around using a walker. It's much easier for him than crutches. And he is NOT bored. He spends so much time during the day listening and exposing himself to really old, old, and new music. He reads and learns and has such a good time with the internet and movies and books and music. This man is never bored. It's awesome. I think I'd be insane with a man who was begging me to entertain him while he was stuck in the house. God is good.

So, do you ever recognize God in the little things? I've spent the last 20 minutes as I was typing this in a complete and total coughing fit. Blowing my nose like crazy, hacking away, pouring water down to calm the spasms, popping drugs. But, with blow after blow, I realized that I was using "Puffs Plus" tissues, which I never buy. However, on the last excursion to Walgreens I couldn't find the pretty boxes that I wanted - so, I was stuck buying these. And today I'm very glad that happened. You can tell me it's not a gift from God, but I choose to believe that He watches the little details of my life as well as the big ones!


Jacqniel said...

Oh, Diane, I am so sorry you got sick on this busy weekend. I know you will do an amazing job for 'Beauty' but, drat! You need your rest!
I know that God is in the details, and He amazes me in all of the blessings He gives us, big and little - like a special box of Kleenex! :-)
Love you, Jacque

John Denune said...

Hi Diane,
Hope your feeling better and you make it thru Sunday. Our 19 year old Daughter is home for Spring break from Miami of OH, and came down with the ful at 4:30 am. I wanted to just update Max on my latest hobbies, old camera parts, chinese fresh water pears, etc. Our 15 year old son is having fun posting his songs to his "my space". Our church just moved into a new building. My wife, Tricia is a teacher in Newark. Her new principal has done poorly enforcing discipline this year. here are a few links to articles I recently wrote.

Rebecca said...

Grateful for the little things... this weekend I realized how good it felt to feel the weight of someones arm draped around you, watching my son fix a tailight with Tom, slippers the warm your toes, a good steak when your really hungry, and ordinary beige days... that seem to be filled with so much good that the beige turns pink...
I am so sorry you are sick... so praying for your health and for a respite.. or the endurance to get you through... and when you are better... and life slows down.. we really need to talk!
I love you!!!!