Thursday, March 01, 2007

Snow Day - Lazy Day

Wow, I've not accomplished much around here today. It's been wonderful. In fact, I don't have these types of days very often.

I'm not letting Max go upstairs - hah, the poor guy couldn't make it upstairs. So, he is sleeping on the couch this week. Last night I wasn't comfortable leaving him alone, so I tried to nest in the living room. The air mattress (notice that was air mattress, not air bed) was as uncomfortable as it could possibly be for a 47 year old lady with bad knees. Then, I tried the wing chair with the ottoman extended. And I slept ... for about 3 hours. Whew.

I got another nap on the chair this afternoon. But, late morning was great. Max decided he was a little claustrophobic and didn't want to be on the couch any longer. So, up he got ... and we got him all cleaned up, teeth brushed, hair washed and he's more comfortable getting up and down. Whew! Independence is approaching!

So ... my day has been a lot of 'not much'. I did some cooking, I'm pretty much at Max's beck and call and I've taken a nap. Hmmm ... fairly profound! (hehe) And it's been wonderful. I have lots I could be doing, but you know what? There is nothing I have to do.

I continue to be so thankful for a God who loves me and cares for me even when I'm stressed out. Last week at the Ash Wednesday service, Dr. Delp taught about a friendship with God. Sometimes it involves complaining at God (read Psalm 44 - David complains!). Sometimes it involves yelling at God. He quoted Joni Eareckson Tada who said she would rather be yelling at God than walking away from Him. That's exactly how I feel about God! I have stood in my office and yelled at God, just furious at the way I felt I was being treated. I've thrown tantrums before Him, everything I do with my family. I don't generally let my friends see that bad behavior, it would embarrass me . But, when Dr. Delp said that, my friend Jennie poked me and said "You do that!" And I began to cry as I realized that I do have a relationship with God that makes it comfortable for me to yell at him, cry, whine, complain as well as praise him, thank him, strive to please him. I have a relationship with Him!!! We're friends ... actually ... we're family! That's just joyful to me.

So, when things fall apart, I may panic and worry and stress and cry and whine, but I always know that I am in those great big hands of my Father. Even though it seems painful at the time, God will care for me through it. God is good ... all the time. All the time, God is good.


Jacqniel said...

Diane, I can't believe that Max is already home! I am so glad to hear he is doing well - and sorry for your sleeplessness. This, too, shall pass. It always feels good to get cleaned up - you feel so much more human!
I admire your ability to get angry with God. The few times I have, I feel like it backfired on me and felt chastised.
Take care and God bless. Jacque

Diane Muir said...

Oh, I do believe that God has chastised me for my bad behavior - much like my mom used to when I would 'backtalk' her! (hehe). But, I guess I knew that mom and I were always going to be ok - no matter how many fights we had. And I know that God and I will always be ok. That's one of the things I learned from reading Beth Moore. She talks a lot about lamenting to God and how David taught us to do all of this in the Psalms. It gave me a lot of permission!

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