Tuesday, March 06, 2007


This one will be short tonight - I'm worn out. I spent 5 hours today sitting at a piano. That's nuts! My butt is tired. And I'm exhausted. But, you know what? I'm not stressed or depressed or feeling sad or anything else, just plain pooped.

For years I didn't have any outlet for piano other than playing for church. Then, I met a friend ... Jennie Hill. She had me playing for the youth choir. Then, I began playing for Canticum Novum, a classical community choir directed by her husband, who got me a gig playing for his Chancel Choir director's high school musical "Beauty and the Beast." I haven't played this much in years! And as much as it is going to wear me out these next two weeks (until "Beauty" is over) I love it. Honestly, you might never know this, but accompanying for musical theater is a passion of mine. There really is nothing more fun for me to play. I began doing it in high school, through college, into community theaters. And, though it has been a few years, there is no music more fun for me to play. There's enough of a challenge in it to make me concentrate, but it's pretty straightforward stuff and I don't have to drive myself crazy to get the notes.

However, I do have to admit that 3 hours sitting at a piano bench, intently concentrating on music wears my poor brain out!

So, if you want to see what seems to be a really good high school production of "Beauty and the Beast", I'm playing for it down at Bryan High School (47th & Giles). Performances begin next week on the 15th and I can't imagine the tickets are expensive!

As for me, if there is a note missed - I'm probably taking a nap!


Jacqniel said...

You are one busy lady! Your talent has always amazed me. Our church has sure surrounded itself with talent - you, Jenny, Cody, and on and on....
Take care - don't burn yourself out! The world would be so much less of a place without your spark! Jacque

Rebecca said...

hey sunshine...
missing you so I stopped by to eavesdrop on your life... hehehe... so this week is the opening of the production eh? Break a leg as they say... oh never mind... we will count Max's ankle as the good luck needed..
miss you more than strawberry shortcake!