Friday, July 25, 2008

Beautiful evening

Friday evening. 7:45 pm. Max and I have been driving across Iowa to find 'the shot.' We seem to do this a lot now that he has his camera. And, now that I have my laptop, I actually enjoy writing while we are out. I'm parked in a field in front of an old grain bin. Max has walked into the field next to me and set up his tripod.

We never know what we're going to find out here, we just keep looking until one or the other of us says 'how about that'?

I love Iowa. The sights, sounds, smells just fill my senses. Crickets, cicadas, birds, flies buzzing around, and even a frog croaking are sounds that fill my ears. As I look across the vista in front of me, I see the gold prairie grass and freshly mown green grasses. We are next to a soybean field and on the horizon there are rows of trees punctuated by farmsteads. The scents flowing through the car windows are of fresh grasses. There are sounds I can't identify, but for me it is beautiful.

Max likes to shoot pictures in the late afternoon, early evening and early morning. The shadows grow longer and give him interesting subjects to shoot. This is a peaceful time of day here, very little traffic and the wind of the day has settled down.

I think I need a nap. I was up late last night reading and writing. I'm warm right now with the late sun coming in the car window/ I could easily fall asleep. In fact, I am doing a lot more editing as I get droopier and droopier. My fingers forget where they are at on the keyboard. If I nod off, however, you won't even know it. The next words I type - whether they be within moments, minutes or hours will be the next words you read!

Last Friday we were out and came across a beautifully serene scene.A horse and a donkey were in a field grazing. The background was filled with trees, clouds in the sky and rich grasses. I pulled over, Max set up his tripod and began to prepare the picture. It was soon ruined however by the horse and donkey. They came trotting over to see Max in action and pose for the photographer. It was a riot! We didn't stay long after tht, but he did get a couple of shots of the kids posing.

The sun continues to set. Max continues to shoot. What a beautiful evening.

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