Saturday, July 19, 2008

Still Gotta Love the Weekend

Ok, my favorite thing about the weekend (and evenings for that matter) is that Max is around. Granted, the man is a geek and hangs out a lot in front of his computer, but it's kind of nice to be able to talk to him immediately rather than hope that he has time to answer a telephone.

Yesterday was great. He got home after work and we took off for Southwest Iowa. It's our favorite place (because it's close) to haunt with his camera. Leica is a pretty great traveling companion, the Jeep is a fabulous vehicle to take on the backroads of Iowa and my Kindle is good entertainment for me while Max is wandering ditches and highways looking for 'the shot.' He has finally gotten some photos that he has uploaded to Flickr.

When we first got married, his photography was his life. Every chance that we could, we were in the car and out driving so that he could shoot. We learned a lot about southwest Iowa ... a part of the state that I had never spent much time in. I think we hit every single historical marker in the area and it was a joy to find interesting sites and explore them. Max got some fabulous photographs at the time and one of these days we'll get those negatives scanned. But, until then, Max finally has a camera and lenses that make it fun for him to be shooting again.

Once I got involved in a church, our travels ended. Max got a job at CompUSA, his schedule changed, our lives got hectic and we simply didn't have time to traipse around on the weekends. I must admit that I am so grateful for the time to offer back to Max.

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